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Launca – DL200/200P Intraoral Scanner

Launca's cutting-edge 2nd generation Intraoral Scanner


Next generation intraoral scanner

DL-200 is a powder-free intraoral scanner with top accuracy and speed at a notably affordable price. It included nifty smart functions creating excellent user experience. DL-200 is just faster, smarter and better!

Benefits & Features

Peerless accuracy

HD 3D image is so vividly displaying details such as margin line and quadrant/ full arch teeth details.With high fit rate and high accuracy, Launca DL-200 can be applied in full array of indications:orthodontics, implantology, restoration and smile design.

A fast and smooth workflow

Being compact and aerodynamic, Launca DL-200 demands no effort to handle.Transferable STL.PLY data make the system highly open and compatible. With broadened scan view and depth, there is significantly reduced interruption during the practice. Scan recovery is more intuitive now. And you can go back to re-scan at any time.

Rarely seen smartness

Being smart, DL-200 can remove unwanted capture intelligently, Image optimization and bite register can be done in real-time.And dentists can receive online feedback now.


  • Significantly higher ROI
  • Gadget-free streamlined digital workflow
  • High delivery and productivity


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