LM-Dental – ErgoMix Mini Implant Instruments

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LM-Dental – ErgoMix Mini Implant Instruments


The clinical challenge:
Instruments (tips) intended and used for implant maintenance are too bulky, especially in cases when patients have healthy, tight tissue around the implants.

Proposed solution:
ErgoMix Mini Implant Instruments from LM-Dental.

Reasoning supporting the solution: According to LM-Dental, dental practitioners were frustrated with the tip sizes of implant hand instruments. They approached LM with their frustration and shared improvement suggestions. In response, LM, a market-leading instrument manufacturer in Europe, known for being sensitive to practitioners’ needs and passionate about clinical relevance, designed a series of titanium implant instruments with mini-sized tips.

These LM ErgoMix implant instruments are made of softer-than-standard titanium alloy that is gentle on implants yet effective for calculus removal. ErgoMix implant instruments also feature replaceable tips and large diameter (12 mm) silicone surfaced handles that, according to the company, improve comfort.

The ErgoMix replaceable tip mechanism is engineered so that no tools are needed to change the tips. That means there is no wrench tool to lose — guaranteed. The tips line up perfectly to the handles, making ErgoMix technology the 21st-century version of the outdated cone-socket system, according to the company.

The implant series includes four instrument patterns: Mini Gracey 1/2 — anterior (gray); Mini Gracey 11/12 — mesial (orange); Mini Gracey 13/14 — distal (blue); and Mini Universal — universal, all surfaces (red). They are available as a kit, containing one of each instrument and a cassette, or they may be purchased individually.


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