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LM-Dental – Arte


Esthetic Layering Success

LM-Arte is a range of innovative instruments for esthetic restorations that is designed especially for composite layering. Each instrument is color-coded and named after its main function, enabling you to administer easy, efficient and quick restorative treatments. The lightweight and ergonomic LM handle design, together with high-quality tip materials, provides excellent tactile sensitivity and easy handling for the best clinical results.


LM-Arte instrument collection:

  • LM-Arte Applica
  • LM-Arte Applica Twist
  • LM-Arte Modella
  • LM-Arte Condensa
  • LM-Arte Fissura
  • LM-Arte Misura
  • LM-ArteTM Posterior Misura
  • LM-ArteTM Cusp Misura
  • LM-Arte Eccesso
  • LM-ArteTM Solo Anterior
  • LM-ArteTM Solo Posterior
  • Instrument sets: LM-ArteTM Set, LM-ArteTM Posterior Set and LM-ArteTM Complete Set

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