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LM-Dental – Tracking System



Knowledge in dentistry equals efficiency, safety, and savings. Bring your dental instrument and materials data, patient planning, and insights together to successfully reach your goals.

LM Dental Tracking System is designed to provide a unified solution in the field of dentistry: via RFID technology, it provides a holistic approach for improved safety, cost-efficiency, and asset management.

Through LM DTS, dental equipment such as instruments, sensors, handpieces, filling materials, implants, and more from different manufacturers are wirelessly read in a few seconds.

Automating traceability, logistics, and infection control documentation allow staff to work more efficiently and focus both on their tasks and on their patients. IoT in dentistry enables big data gathering and analysis for constant improvement of processes, workflows, AI, and cost-efficiency.

  • Improved patient safety
    Effectively increases patient safety. Reduces risks through automated checks and notifications and helps in planning patient sessions.
  • Cost reduction
    Track and improve the flows of single-use materials or instrumentation.
  • The new normal of clinics
    Analyze and optimize the process and strive for continuous improvement.


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