NeoScan 2000: New intra-oral scanner from Neoss

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Neoss – NeoScan 2000


Wireless intra-oral scanner for maximum flexibility

The new wireless NeoScan 2000 is the ultimate choice for increased efficiency, precision, and cost-effectiveness in everyday dental practice.

With this innovative device, entering the world of digital impressions has never been easier, thanks to a combination of wireless technology, extended battery life that allows dental professionals to scan approximately 60 cases per day and ergonomic design. In addition, it comes with free software updates and cloud storage for up to 25,000 cases.

In summary, the NeoScan 2000 is a significant milestone in dentistry, offering dentists increased efficiency, precision, and cost-effectiveness. Its advanced features promise higher patient satisfaction and enable smooth digital impression-taking—an innovation that positively influences the future of dentistry.

NeoScan 2000 intra-oral scanner includes: handpiece, four tips (2 × S, 2 × L), charging holder, two batteries, stand, manuals, WiFi adaptor, suitcase.

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