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E-paper editions are exact digital copies of the DTI print publications. Readers can search and navigate through the e-paper, as well as download and print pages to read offline. In order to promote wide dissemination to our international readership, access to most e-papers is free.

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ortho international No. 2, 2021

Cover / Editorial / Content / Laser-assisted orthodontic treatment of a dilacerated impacted maxillary incisor / Easy clear aligner workflow: A case report / Treating teen athletes with ClearCorrect aligners and DentalMonitoring to minimise office visits / Mandibular advancement with clear aligners: Indications and treatment protocols / Canine substitutions: Protocols for predictable excellence / Dental anti-ageing: The interdisciplinary management of complex rehabilitation with invisible aligners / What will be the new normal after COVID-19? / Humble Smile Foundation: Fostering equitable oral healthcare access alongside environmental sustainability / The year that was and the future that awaits the ICD / Meetings / Industry report / Submission guidelines / Imprint /