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Fully packed lecture hall at the 2023 EAO congress in Berlin. (Image: Dental Tribune International)

Event 24 - 26 October 2024

The European Association for Osseointegration's 2024 annual congress will take place in Milan from 24 to 26 October 2024. The event will focus on themes like "The fundamentals," "State of the art – certainties," and "Beyond the limits," featuring expert debates on evidence-based practice and take-home techniques for clinical use.

The EAO congress in 2024 will be held at the MiCo Milano Convention Centre. The official language is English, with some sessions translated into Italian. Registration offers exclusive rates for EAO, IAO, and SIdP members, and there will be an exhibition for companies to showcase their products.

The event will feature a diverse group of speakers from around the world, including experts from Portugal, Germany, France, the USA, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Israel, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Serbia, Iceland, Mexico, the UK, Denmark, and more. This international lineup underscores the congress's commitment to bringing together leading minds in osseointegration and dental implantology.

List of speakers

Gil Alcoforado (Portugal)
Bilal Al-Nawas (Germany)
Sofia Aroca (France)
Wael Att (US)
Gustavo Avila (Spain)
Kathrin Becker (Germany)
Anne Benhamou (France)
Juan Blanco (Spain)
Dieter Bosshardt (Switzerland)
Daniel Buser (Switzerland)
Francesco Cairo (Italy)
João Caramês (Portugal)
Paolo Casentini (Italy)
Raffaele Cavalcanti (Italy)
Tali Chackartchi (Israel)
Vivianne Chappuis (Switzerland)
Konstantinos Chochlidakis (US)
Renato Cocconi (Italy)
Luca Cordaro (Italy)
Luca de Stavola (Italy)
Egon Euwe (Italy)
Vincent Fehmer (Switzerland)
Alberto Fonzar (Italy)
Helena Francisco (Portugal)
Lukas Fürhauser (Austria)
German Gallucci (US)
Oscar González Martín (Spain)
Dominik Gross (Germany)
Robert Haas (Austria)
Federico Hernández Alfaro (Spain)
Alexis Ioannidis (Switzerland)
Ronald Jung (Switzerland)
France Lambert (Belgium)
Luca Landi (Italy)
Chris Laspos (Cyprus)
Robert Levine (USA)
Georg Mailath-Pokorny Jr. (Austria)
Silvia Masiero (Italy)
Iva Milinkovic (Serbia)
Carlo Monaco (Italy)
Jose Nart (Spain)
José Manuel Navarro (Spain)
Katja Nelson (Germany)
Manuel Nienkemper (Germany)
David Nisand (France)
Lucrezia Paterno Holtzman (Italy)
Michael Payer (Austria)
Sergio Piano (Italy)
Bjarni Pjetursson (Iceland)
Sven Reich (Germany)
Alexandra Rendón (Mexico)
Isabella Rocchietta (Italy)
Giuseppe Romeo (Italy)
Irena Sailer (Switzerland)
Mariano Sanz (Spain)
Ignacio Sanz Sánchez (Spain)
Frank Schwarz (Germany)
Shakeel Shahdad (UK)
Alberto Sicilia (Spain)
Massimo Simion (Italy)
Ralf Smeets (Germany)
Nuno Sousa Dias (Portugal)
Benedikt Spies (Germany)
Thomas Starch-Jensen (Denmark)
Bogna Stawarczyk  (Germany)
Martina Stefanini (Italy)
Simon Storgård Jensen (Denmark)
Hendrik Terheyden (Germany)
Tiziano Testori (Italy)
Daniel Thoma (Switzerland)
Ana Torres (Spain)
Piero Venezia (Italy)
Lukas Waltenberger (Germany)
Hom-Lay Wang (USA)
Stefan Wolfart (Germany)
Giovanni Zucchelli (Italy)
Otto Zuhr (Germany)

Impressions from the 2023 EAO congress in Berlin

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