Avoiding the five biggest mistakes with dental implants

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Avoiding the five biggest mistakes in dental implantology

Participants in a free webinar on 26 June will learn how to avoid the five biggest mistakes in dental implantology, most of which occur due to outdated or incomplete clinical knowledge. (Image: In Green/Shutterstock)

Wed. 19. June 2024


Technological advancements have increased clinicians’ access to dental implant treatment; however, even the most cutting-edge tools, such as computer-guided surgery and 3D imaging, do not preclude common mistakes that can negatively affect the success of the therapy. On 26 June, award-winning US dentist and leading implantologist Dr Kyle Stanley will present a webinar aimed at identifying and avoiding the most problematic errors made when placing implants. The free webinar will be hosted on the MIS Academy online platform.

Award-winning US dentist Dr Kyle Stanley. (Image: Kyle Stanley)

Focusing on enhancing patient outcomes through evidence-based surgical and restorative workflows in implant dentistry, Dr Stanley’s webinar will delve into the intricacies of peri-implant biology and associated complications. Participants will be provided with a comprehensive understanding of peri-implant biology, which Dr Stanley says is essential for both surgeons and restorative dentists.

“Most of the mistakes are due to a lack of knowledge or believing old dogmas in dentistry,” Dr Stanley told Dental Tribune International, adding: “The mistakes are easy to avoid, once you know the correct way.”

The webinar will underscore the necessity of a synergistic approach where knowledge of peri-implant biology and complications informs every aspect of treatment planning and patient care. Adhering to research-backed protocols will help practitioners to significantly enhance the efficacy of implant treatments and ensure lasting benefits for their patients.

Dr Stanley commented: “By learning to avoid the most common mistakes in implant dentistry, you will avoid bone loss in the long term, have fewer patient complications and have more pride in your work.”

The webinar has the following learning objectives:

  • learn to reduce bone loss and decrease restorative complications;
  • understand both surgical and restorative principles; and
  • adapt protocols to think biologically and understand the difference between teeth and implants.

The webinar, titled “The five biggest mistakes implant dentists make that cause problems”, will be broadcast on 26 June at 9 a.m. CEST. Participants will have the opportunity to earn one continuing education credit by completing a questionnaire upon completion of the webinar. Visit the MIS Academy to register.

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