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Chat-bot technology could revolutionize dental practice administration

New technology from the dental software solution provider Awrel could revolutionize the way companies place their orders by using chat-bots. (Photograph: Jirsak/Shutterstock)

Wed. 6. December 2017


NEW YORK, U.S.: The next step in artificial intelligence advancement within dentistry could be just around the corner. Awrel, the dental software solution provider for web, mobile and voice platforms, has recently unveiled their Awrel Partner Portal. According to the company, this new technology enables dental supply companies and labs to supply their customers with intelligent, voice-guided ordering services for implants, supplies and equipment.

The capabilities of the new technology reportedly enable companies to extend their order processing capabilities beyond the current paper-, web- and mobile-based methods to environments that deliver next-generation, conversational voice experiences. Additionally, companies will be able to custom label their offerings, define unique workflows and create company- and product-specific conversational exchanges.

“We're very pleased to be the first dental software provider to deliver voice-assisted, hands-free ordering," said Dr. Arnold Rosen, Awrel founder and CEO. "With this technology, dental care providers will see improved productivity and quality while suppliers and labs will accelerate their sales processes. This is a definite win-win.”

The system is designed so that the person placing the order can respond to product-specific prompts from a voice-powered agent or chat-bot. Each subsequent interaction follows an intelligent, protocol-based conversational flow. After the order is completed, it can be sent via message to the supplier or laboratory, or the system can be customized so that it can flow directly into an existing electronic ordering system.

“We soon realized that dentistry could logically benefit from next-gen voice assistants. This is a logical extension of our offerings," said Rosen. "As a prosthodontist, my hands serve as the tools of my trade. I'd rather they be working to create a great smile than typing orders into a computer or cellphone. With voice technology, my hands are free to work and puts my focus where it belongs—on the patient.”

Companies using Awrel's voice capabilities can also provide their customers with Awrel's ready-to-download texting and collaboration tool for HIPAA-compliant sharing and the storage of messages, images, documents and scans.

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