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Planmeca takes another step towards innovative digitalisation

With digitalisation changing industries throughout the world, health care too is adopting new, modern ways to improve patients’ care and general health. (Photograph: DDekk/Shutterstock)

Wed. 1. November 2017


HELSINKI, Finland: Digitalisation is changing industries throughout the world. With a growing demand for innovative digital solutions, new technology is increasingly being integrated into modern health care. This innovation is also leading to collaborations between many sectors, with the main goal being the improvement of patient care and health. One such example is the recently established Finnish CleverHealth Network.

Based in Helsinki, the CleverHealth Network is coordinated by the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS) and brings together the health technology expertise of companies such as Planmeca, health care professionals, and HUS’s health care data. According to the CleverHealth Network, Planmeca is one of the 14 companies it works with to develop health- and well-being technology product and service innovations to improve efficiency and patient care, health and well-being.

“By being part of the CleverHealth Network we further strengthen Planmeca’s collaboration with other industry players. Innovation does not happen by itself and it necessitates scientific research and efficient cooperation. The projects of the network will combine some of the highest expertise from the corporate world as well as the clinical experience and knowledge of the health sector,” said Planmeca’s Senior Vice President Tuomas Lokki.

HUS has collected health care data throughout the past two decades, and this will enable the CleverHealth Network to improve digital data-based innovations, which will contribute to many areas of health care, such as more accurate diagnosis and preventative care.

“Collaboration models such as this are vital for creating new and unseen innovations. We are excited to be a part of this great group of innovators and look forward to the solutions it will give birth to,” said Lokki.

The initial projects from the network will begin in autumn 2017, and they are based on HUS’s experience in cancer and brain research. The programme is partly funded by Tekes—the Finnish funding agency for innovation.

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