DentalMonitoring presents remote monitoring solutions

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“Dentist in a pocket”: DentalMonitoring presents remote monitoring solutions


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From left: Philippe Salah, CEO and co-founder of DentalMonitoring; Dr Sophie Acker, vice president of global product management and business intelligence at DentalMonitoring; and Dr Friedrich Widu, an orthodontist who uses the DentalMonitoring products in his own orthodontic practices. (Image: Timo Krause/OEMUS MEDIA)

COLOGNE, Germany: What if dentists could look into their patients’ mouths outside of their office? DentalMonitoring, which was founded in 2014, provides the answer to this question. The company offers orthodontic and dental solutions and is a pioneer of remote monitoring of dental care using artificial intelligence (AI). At its press conference at the 2021 International Dental Show, the company presented its products, which have already benefited more than a million patients.

DentalMonitoring is the only solution suite available on the market for all brands and all appliances—both fixed and removable. Its technology is able to make 96 different intra-oral observations, involving location, calculation and evaluation, and monitoring anything from aligner treatment to dentition or detached brackets. According to the company, this is made possible by the industry’s largest image database, which includes half a billion dental images. Treatment times can be reduced significantly, as the use of AI makes numerous on-site appointments obsolete.

Philippe Salah, CEO and co-founder of DentalMonitoring, commented: “With DentalMonitoring’s technology, general dentists and orthodontists can virtualise and automate all non-clinical procedures and schedule appointments on demand. At the same time, compliance and patient retention are improved thanks to the complete overhaul of our top-rated patient app.”

With the Scan Boxpro device and a smartphone, patients can take intra-oral images easily at home. (Image: DentalMonitoring)

With the Scan Boxpro device in combination with a smartphone, patients can take intra-oral images from anywhere at any time. These are then forwarded to the dental practice through the patient app. “Scan Boxpro is very precise, suited for all cases, and very small and light. It’s like a dentist in a pocket,” said Dr Sophie Acker, vice president of global product management and business intelligence at DentalMonitoring.

In addition to Scan Boxpro, the company has developed SmileMate, an online assessment software that uses AI to help dental professionals analyse the patient’s oral health and discern his or her interest in treatment before visiting the practice. The platform helps clinicians to prioritise treatment needs and emergencies and improves patient communication by automating notifications for patients and dental staff according to the practice workflow—all remotely.

“Now, general dentists and orthodontists are able to monitor all their aligner and fixed appliance treatments, regardless of the brand, with the same, highly scalable, AI-driven workflow. In addition to controlling the treatment progress, they can actively set and monitor clinical goals for each patient. This means more active control, more productivity, and a new level of safety and confidence for their practice—a real game-changer for our industry,” emphasised Salah.

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