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How can remote monitoring lead to better treatment outcomes?

Remote monitoring is ushering in an era of proactive treatment plans instead of reactive troubleshooting. (Image: DentalMonitoring)


Tue. 7. June 2022


A prevailing myth in healthcare is that the expertise of practitioners is only accessible on-site. The reality is becoming quite different today. With the onset of technological advances and a desire for convenience from all parties, remote monitoring is becoming more and more widespread across medical fields. It is transforming the oral care industry too.

And the findings are interesting: remote monitoring is leading to better treatment outcomes for patients in dentistry and orthodontics. Why is this the case? With smart solutions like those offered by DentalMonitoring, practices can provide high-quality treatment based on artificial intelligence (AI) for in-depth scans, consistent monitoring, automated reports and a new level of communication between dentists and patients.

The difference we are seeing here is a major breakthrough in oral care: remote monitoring is ushering in an era of proactive treatment plans instead of reactive troubleshooting. Dentists can manage patient treatment with a new level of control, rather than simply respond to oral observations after a time lag.

The high-precision scans offered by remote monitoring open the door to more productive treatment. DentalMonitoring’s technology can locate, calculate and evaluate 130 different intra-oral observations, monitoring everything from aligner tracking to bracket debonding or tooth eruption. This is made possible by the largest image database in the industry, comprising half a billion dental images. With a level of detection surpassing the range of the human eye, the scans allow for a better look inside patients’ mouths—and with it, higher-quality treatment. These scans go beyond simple photographs: they provide a quality standard for the industry.

A crucial aspect of remote monitoring’s success is its consistency. Imagine the traditional model. A dentist instructs a patient to follow an aligner treatment plan, or perhaps a fixed appliance patient is told by his or her dentist to begin the elastics phase of treatment. They reconvene six to eight weeks later at the practice and find that little progress has been made. Was non-compliance the culprit? Is there another problem at play? With DentalMonitoring, practitioners can eliminate the mystery of what happens in between in-office appointments. The software takes dentists out of the dark, giving added access and control over treatment progression. Remote monitoring allows for early signs of non-compliance or any other abnormalities to be detected and swiftly responded to without waiting weeks for the next in-person appointment.

Consistent monitoring combines with the AI-powered automated reports to completely streamline the process. Not only do DentalMonitoring solutions consistently monitor patients with high precision, but their automated reports facilitate a fast resolution. Instead of leaving dentists to do their own self-assessment of patient scans—which could be a time-consuming and involved process for staff—with automation, notifications are sent straight to the patient and the staff once a deviation in treatment is detected by the AI.

Remote monitoring helps dentists, but it is also the solution patients are looking for. It can attract a wider range of patients. The digital transformation is here, and the practices that give more virtual options to patients will see greater demand for their services. The ability to have an appointment anytime and anywhere is an attractive proposition for patients and can even boost motivation to stay on top of treatment.

Behind the best oral care is a strong partnership between practitioners and patients. In that partnership, communication is streamlined, compliance is encouraged, and both parties are on the same page. In a victory for dentists and patients, technology has evolved to allow for an even more connected experience. With the advent of remote monitoring, treatment outcomes are only improving.

DentalMonitoring is debunking the myth that virtual care cannot have a personal touch. Its suite of remote monitoring solutions is designed to decrease chair time, increase compliance and allow for more precise and personalised care.

According to Dr Francis Scriven, one of the leading orthodontists in the UK, the company’s solutions have added value to his practice and provided clinical benefits. He said: “DentalMonitoring allows us to monitor our patients’ treatments on a weekly basis rather than every few months. This new approach of managing my treatments vastly improves the clinical outcome and the efficiency by detecting issues early while greatly enhancing the patient experience.”

“DentalMonitoring has made orthodontics more convenient for our patients while boosting my practice efficiency,” Dr Scriven added.

To learn more about how remote monitoring has changed the way that orthodontic practices work today, Dr Scriven will be hosting a live webinar titled “From blind to connected orthodontics—how to gain more clinical control of your orthodontic treatments with DentalMonitoring” on 21 June at 7 p.m. CEST.

DentalMonitoring solutions are now available in all Nordic dental markets. For more information, please visit dental-monitoring.com.

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