Farewell Zoran: DTI’s partner in Serbia passes away at 61


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Dental Tribune International licence partner Zoran Zrnić, who was born on 15 January 1960, passed away on 21 March. He was a husband and the father of two sons. (Image: Luka Zrnić)
Dental Tribune Serbia

By Dental Tribune Serbia

Wed. 14. April 2021


NOVI SAD, Serbia: A few weeks ago, Zoran Zrnić, an entrepreneur and innovator who was central to the business of Dental Tribune International (DTI) in Serbia and Montenegro, passed away. He became one of the first licence holders of the publishing network in 2007 and inspired many people in the dental materials market in the region through his visions and ideas.

Before the foundation of Dental Media, the designated publisher and distributor of the Dental Tribune newspaper in Serbia and Montenegro, Zoran successfully started a dental supplies distribution company, Hipokrat Dental Depo, in the 1990s. The company was the first to establish the import of dental medical devices from Europe to Yugoslavia and positioned itself as the market leader in the entire former Yugoslavia for a very long time.

Apart from his focus on the dental industry, Zoran developed a passion for yoga. Owing to his strong entrepreneurial drive, he was always searching for opportunities to help others. As a result of his transformative personal experiences with yoga, he opened Hipokrat Joga Studio, which grew to over 200 regular students and over ten yoga instructors and offered psychology and personal development workshops and training, many of which were offered free of charge.

In addition, Zoran always invested his time selflessly in mentoring and coaching others. He was a certified trainer in neurolinguistic programming and helped individuals of all ages to change their perspectives on problems and challenges and find solutions that they were unable to see before. He always believed in everyone and their potential and invested his time selflessly in others.

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