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How to attract new patients by offering ceramic dental implants

By Dental Tribune International
April 03, 2020

The demand for ceramic implants is steadily increasing. In a forthcoming webinar, on Wednesday, 8 April, Dr Joan Pi-Anfruns will explain how dentists can differentiate their practices by incorporating ceramic implant therapies in their treatment offering. In the run-up to the free online presentation, Pi-Anfruns shared some of his insights with Dental Tribune International.

Dr Pi-Anfruns has lectured internationally on the topics of dental implants and bone regeneration. (Image: Joan Pi-Anfruns)

Dr Pi-Anfruns, what are the advantages of ceramic implants compared with titanium implants?
Ceramic implants have several advantages compared with titanium implants. Studies have shown that zirconia is less prone to plaque accumulation and biofilm formation, making the material highly biocompatible. Also, zirconia is tooth-coloured, resulting in less mucosal discoloration and an overall better colour match to the adjacent tissue. It is favourable for the formation of epithelial attachments and increases microcirculation of the peri-implant soft tissue. These and other characteristics make zirconia a great alternative material for tooth replacement.

What are some of the reasons that the ceramic dental implant market is growing steadily?
From a patient’s perspective, the increased demand in zirconia implants is related to a desire to move away from metal and for a more holistic approach to healthcare. Issues with possible allergies or metal sensitivities are also a concern for patients seeking this type of treatment. From a clinician’s point of view, we are starting to see more and more data supporting zirconia as an alternative to titanium, and the superior reaction of the peri-implant soft tissue to zirconia is especially attractive.

What are the three main learning objectives for the viewers of your webinar?
They will learn about the science behind ceramic implants, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of ceramic implants compared with titanium implants. With this knowledge, they will learn how to incorporate ceramic implants into their treatment offering and ultimately attract new patients.

Editorial note: The 1-hour webinar, titled “Ceramic implants: New opportunities for practice differentiation”, will be presented live on Wednesday, 8 April, at 5 p.m. CEST. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions about the topic, as well as earn a continuing education credit by answering a questionnaire after the lecture. Registration on the Straumann Campus is free of charge.

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