Interview: “We provide better choices for better outcomes”

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Interview: “We provide better choices for better outcomes”


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Amir Aghdaei, Danaher Group Executive (Dental Segment). (Photograph: Luke Gribble, DTI)
Brendan Day, DTI

By Brendan Day, DTI

Fri. 15. March 2019


Last year saw Danaher announce its intention to launch its dental segment as an independent and publicly traded company. Dental Tribune International spoke with Amir Aghdaei, Danaher Group Executive (Dental Segment), about the company’s innovative future.

Mr Aghdaei, what can the dental industry look forward to from this new company over the next year?
As you know, Danaher plans to form this company, which we are referring to for now as “DentalCo”, later in 2019. We are very excited by what the future holds for this new company. A few years ago, we began to simplify and consolidate the dental segment of businesses. The outcome of these actions is a more agile and customer-centric organisation, which is important in this dynamic environment—and we are not done. DentalCo’s foundation and, we believe, competitive advantages will be built on the Danaher Business System, which is based on a philosophy of continuous improvement.

We will soon share our new company name, brand and purpose with the world to clearly state what we represent as a company for our employees, our customers and our partners. We are truly excited about the opportunity this presents.

What benefits will DentalCo provide for its dealer partners and customer base of dental professionals?
As a business, we are committed to providing better choices to our clinicians, ultimately leading to better outcomes. We believe this benefits not only our customers, but the patients they serve as well.

We believe DentalCo will provide us with the agility to quicken the pace of innovation. Nobel Biocare is a great example of our capabilities, where five years ago we began the road to building meaningful innovations for dental implantology. You are seeing the first wave of these new solutions at IDS. On Tuesday, we introduced two new surface technologies with improved integration with soft tissue and bone: Xeal and TiUltra. With these new technologies, dental professionals now have a complete solution for soft-tissue health, bone protection and fast osseointegration at their disposal to provide significantly improved implant treatment outcomes for their patients. We are the first company to bring the concept of “mucointegration”, soft-tissue integration with implant components, to the market through our strong understanding of biological principles—but this is just a start. Later this year, we expect to introduce a revolutionary new implant system called N1, which is designed, based on scientific research, to greatly enhance treatment workflows and tissue integration.

Dental professionals can look forward to these and other innovative new offerings across the breadth of our portfolio. For instance, our DTX solution is expected to launch later this year, and it will significantly simplify the workflow for our clinical customers by integrating diagnostics imaging, treatment planning, restorative lab work and implants all in one open platform.

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