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Navigating the future of dental implants: Unlocking precision and efficiency with Navident

ClaroNav is showcasing its dynamic navigation system Navident at the EAO–DGI joint meeting at booth #H11. (Image: Dental Tribune Internationa)


Thu. 28. September 2023


BERLIN, Germany: In the dynamic landscape of dental implantology, a groundbreaking innovation is capturing the attention of experienced practitioners across Europe: dynamic navigation systems. This article delves into the motivations driving the adoption of these systems, focusing in particular on Navident, a leading system in the field. By exploring the voices of Navident users, it will be uncovered how this technology, including the recent Navident EVO, along with photogrammetry and artificial intelligence, is reshaping dental implant procedures with unprecedented precision and efficiency.

A leap forward in precision

Traditional implant placement methods often rely on manual measurements and visual estimates. However, with the advent of dynamic navigation systems, led by Navident, a new era of precision has emerged. These systems combine real-time tracking with interactive guidance, offering a dynamic and accurate approach to implantology.

Dr Elena Bezsmertna, a prominent implantologist who has embraced Navident, said: “The introduction of dynamic navigation with Navident has truly transformed my approach to implant procedures. The real-time tracking and interactive guidance offered by this system are unparalleled, enabling me to achieve a level of precision I never thought possible.”

Introducing Navident EVO

With the recent launch of Navident EVO, the advancement in dynamic navigation has reached new heights, offering enhanced features and capabilities that further elevate implantology procedures. Dr Nick Fahey, a dedicated Navident user, explained: “Navident’s real-time tracking feature is a game-changer. The precision it offers is beyond anything I’ve experienced before in implant procedures. The ability to make instant adjustments based on patient movement ensures a level of accuracy that was previously hard to achieve.”

Dr Detlef Hildebrand. (Image: ClaroNav)

Navigating complexity: Dr Jacques Vermeulen, a seasoned implantologist, pointed out: “Navident excels in managing complex cases. It empowers us to navigate intricate anatomies with ease, ensuring that we can confidently place implants even in challenging situations.”

Patient confidence and comfort: “One of the most remarkable benefits of Navident is how it boosts patient confidence. The ability to show them real-time visualisation of the procedure assures them that they are receiving the highest level of care,” emphasised Dr Patryk Kownacki.

Streamlined efficiency: Dr Detlef Hildebrand stressed: “Navident has significantly streamlined our workflow. The system’s intuitive interface and real-time guidance help us perform procedures more efficiently, ultimately benefiting both the clinician and the patient.”

Enhanced postoperative outcomes: Dr Vojtěch Slezáček explained: “Navident’s precision translates into improved postoperative outcomes. Accurate implant positioning fosters better osseointegration and reduces the risk of complications, leading to more successful, lasting results.”

Continuous learning and growth: Dr Christian Gobrecht remarked: “What sets Navident apart is its emphasis on continuous learning. The system’s feedback mechanisms enable us to continually refine our techniques, enhancing our skills over time.”

Experience Navident EVO

ClaroNav is inviting dental professionals to explore the transformative power of Navident EVO. Whether they are seasoned practitioners or newcomers to the field, Navident offers a gateway to unparalleled precision and patient satisfaction. The company offers comprehensive training courses to unlock the full potential of dynamic navigation systems. Those interested can find more information on the company’s website or consult the dedicated ClaroNav team at the EAO–DGI joint meeting (Booth #H11).

A transformative shift

Navident is at the forefront of transforming implantology across Europe. Through the voices of Navident users, it is evident that this dynamic navigation system is not only enhancing precision and efficiency but also reshaping the patient experience. With the introduction of Navident EVO, the evolution continues, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in dental implant procedures. As Navident continues to evolve, its integration into implantology practice is poised to redefine standards, ensuring superior patient outcomes and practitioner satisfaction and advancing the field as a whole.

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