Patients ready for teledentistry

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Patients are ready to take teledentistry on board

Virtual medicine is gaining popularity every year and many patients feel ready to adapt to teledentistry. (Image: Dentacoin Team)
Dental Tribune International

Dental Tribune International

Thu. 14. November 2019


MAASTRICHT, Netherlands: As a result of the digitalisation of our everyday lives, telemedicine is becoming an increasingly more interesting topic for both medical professionals and patients alike. A recent survey by market research platform DentaVox addressed patients’ views on teledentistry.

Overall, the results indicate that patients have a positive attitude towards teledentistry, which includes the remote delivery of dental care, consultation, follow-up care and education over telecommunications. In fact, 78% of the 421 respondents said that they are likely to start using it within the next five years. Two of the main motivational reasons why such services are attractive to patients are the possibilities of making an appointment easily from the comfort of their own homes or of consulting a dentist via the Internet if they do not have any other access, for example when the nearest practice is too far away.

More than half of the survey participants (54.9%) thought that especially working people, children and disabled people could benefit from teledentistry. Only 2.4% did not see its value, and the remaining 42.7% said it could be useful for everyone.

In its blog, DentaVox stated: “Patients’ optimistic perspective on teledentistry is a clear sign that it is not just a passing trend. It is gaining momentum and patients are eager to see it in practice. Whether it is going to revolutionize the dental industry or not, patients expect to see it as an integral part of mainstream oral health care.”

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