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Pop dentistry: Does Kate Middleton have the most coveted smile of them all?

Pictured in February, the Princess of Wales ’ smile is deceptively flawless, made perfect by intentional imperfections. (Image: Lucca Minopoli/Shutterstock)

LONDON, UK: For clinicians specialising in cosmetic dentistry, many patients may wish to have their smiles modelled on those of others. Cosmetic dentists can now turn to this new pop dentistry series for insight into the trends and clinical secrets behind trademark smiles that dental patients want.

For more than a decade now, dental practitioners have reported that the smile of Catherine, the Princess of Wales has remained the most iconic and sought after. Covered by Dental Tribune, the subtle transformation of Princess Catherine’s iconic grin over the years has had clinicians around the world trying a myriad of techniques to create similar smiles. Some even market their ability to do so, but long-held rumour has it that traditional approaches might be beneath the Royals when it comes to a perfect smile.

Seen here in June 2011, prior to adult orthodontic treatment, Kate’s smile shows off her naturally well-shaped teeth, but it was initially much narrower than it is today. (Image: Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock)

Dr Didier Fillion is the French orthodontist who has been given credit for shaping Kate’s smile throughout the years. His innovative technique was seemingly designed for someone in the public eye, as he utilised lingual orthodontic appliances so that the transition would be even more invisible than with clear aligners.

Kate’s “perfect” smile is nearly a psychological illusion, as it draws more attention to her because of deliberate, subtle imperfections built into the planned movement of each tooth. The micro-rotation of each tooth purposefully breaks up the straight line that so many patients think is critical to the perfect smile. Her smile naturally draws a viewer in because her lateral incisors are turned ever so slightly mesially, making her smile incredibly unique.

She underwent basic orthodontic treatment when a teenager, and her natural teeth were well proportioned and of a size that required no direct restoration or veneers, but because she is well known for her wide smile, her treatment likely involved expanding the maxillary arch. Prior to her treatment, her buccal corridors appeared too large and her maxillary arch too narrow. Afterwards however, the arch was broader and more teeth were visible, enhancing the overall aesthetics of her smile.

Kate’s unforgettable smile is therefore attributed to the inherent perfection in imperfection, which may not be the easiest concept to explain to a patient. However, the job is made a little easier by the evidence of before and after photographs and comparison to other “perfect” smiles, which shows that Kate’s royal smile really stands out because of its inherent differences.

Stay tuned for the next in the series. The topic also starts with a “K” and is driving the most recent crazes across both cosmetic surgery and cosmetic dentistry.

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