“RAYSHAPE’s advantages lie in reliability and ease of use”

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“RAYSHAPE’s advantages lie in reliability and ease of use”

The Shape 1+ Dental digital light processing 3D printer with the ShapeCure post-processing device. (Image: RAYSHAPE)
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Tue. 14. June 2022


RAYSHAPE has found great success as a digital light processing (DLP) 3D-printing specialist in the Chinese market and is now pursuing offering its latest dental solutions internationally. In this interview, Zhen Liu, founder of RAYSHAPE, explains more about the company’s latest technology and goals for global expansion.

Mr Liu, what is RAYSHAPE, and how did it start?
RAYSHAPE is a 3D-printing manufacturing company offering diverse solutions, including professional and industrial-grade 3D printers. Thus far, we have sold over 1,000 3D printers. After we had been in business for just two years, investors recognised our positioning in the market, allowing us to attract over US$10 million (€9.3 million) in investment funding. As a result, we have become a major dental 3D-printing brand on the Chinese mainland market and one of the few companies that have made significant progress.

Zhen Liu is the founder of RAYSHAPE. (Image: RAYSHAPE)

Could you introduce your dental solutions and their advantages, and how you compare them to the competition?
Our solutions include DLP 3D printers, post-processing equipment, software and resins. One of our key products is the Shape 1+ Dental, a chairside 3D printer for dental clinics, with the advantages of fast printing, ease of use, and low maintenance. The P400 Dental is a production-level 3D printer for dental labs with a building volume of 250 × 140 × 400 mm and spot size of 65 μm. In addition, our ShapeWare software is powerful and easy to use and provides simplified settings to print with fewer clicks. Our solutions operate on an open material system, and users can employ original RAYSHAPE resins or those of other known third-party brands.

Compared with other brands, RAYSHAPE’s advantages lie in reliability and ease of use, which are reflected in both the technical and technological aspects of our products. In addition, our dental solutions are suitable for over 20 dental applications—all that at a reasonable price.

What resins do you offer, and what support do you provide?
We offer modelling, OrthoShape, cast wax, record and gingiva resins. Also, because our solutions use an open material system, resins from DETAX, Dreve, Keystone, Kulzer, NextDent and other brands are compatible. We recently opened a branch in London in the UK and plan to add one in the US during the third quarter of this year. Our primary goal is to provide fast and quality support to our clients worldwide.

Who are your dental clients?
Dental Doctor, Chengdu Dent, Jiahong Dental, Jilin Hongren and QLab are some of our valued customers who have been satisfied by putting their trust in us. We also have dealers in Japan, the UK and Australia and serve other customers in countries such as Israel, Germany and the US.

What countries do you cover worldwide, and to where would you ideally like to expand your operations?
We cover Australia, Germany, Israel, Japan, the UK and the US. Our UK branch provides support across Europe, including before and after sales service. We are actively preparing to open a US branch. Our headquarters are in China, allowing us to provide  fast service to South Asia.

The goal for this year is to enlarge our operations in the European, North and South American, and Middle Eastern markets.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?
The dental industry is developing rapidly, and new technologies are emerging. We are eager to have in-depth contact with more dealers and customers worldwide and are eager to cooperate to innovate together.

Editorial note:

More information about RAYSHAPE can be found here.

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