3Shape and GuardLab announce equipment and marketing partner

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3Shape and GuardLab announce equipment and marketing partnership

3Shape and GuardLab join forces to provide quickly produced and accurate mouthguards. (Image: 3Shape)


Wed. 10. April 2019


COPENHAGEN, Denmark: 3Shape, an award-winning developer and manufacturer of 3-D scanners and CAD/CAM software solutions for the dental industry, has announced an equipment and marketing partnership with GuardLab, a New York-based sports technology company that specialises in using 3-D technology, including 3-D printing, to create the most accurately fitting and protective mouthguards in the market. According to the partnership agreement, GuardLab will use 3Shape technology to digitally scan an athlete’s teeth and 3Shape’s CAM/CAD software to model its custom mouthguards for sports.

GuardLab said that it has chosen to use the award-winning 3Shape TRIOS intra-oral scanner for its documented accuracy, quick scanning speeds and ease of use for the scanning of athletes’ mouths. A digital impression taken with 3Shape TRIOS is a faster and more comfortable experience for the patient compared with conventional impression taking, the company explained. TRIOS digital scans also speed up GuardLab’s custom mouthguard production workflow and are more predictable to work with.

“Our partnership with 3Shape solidifies our commitment to using the best available technology in digital dentistry. Since our inception, GuardLab has been hosting mobile 3-D scan events with teams, leagues and schools and delighting consumers with a revolutionary mouthguard-fitting process with the help of 3Shape TRIOS,” said Aidan Butler, CEO of GuardLab.

GuardLab’s ARC (alignment repositioning cushion) technology, in its patented neuromuscular ARC-PRO guard, is designed to provide better muscle stability and enhanced oxygenation and lessen temporomandibular tension during competition and training. Favoured by professional teams and athletes, including GuardLab’s newest ice hockey ambassador, James van Riemsdyk of US team the Philadelphia Flyers, GuardLab’s sports technology is increasingly in demand and the partnership will focus on supporting that demand.

With a multiple-aspects marketing approach to reach athletes and consumers, the partnership is also aimed at supporting dentists using 3Shape scanners and software. Dental professionals exclusively can join the GuardLab Dentist Network and offer custom mouthguards to their patients by sending scans directly to GuardLab from 3Shape’s Communicate cloud service software—included with the TRIOS scanner.

“We are very excited about our partnership with GuardLab, which gives an added utility to our entire network of dentists and helps to promote the 3Shape brand in the sports industry. With minimal training, dentists using 3Shape TRIOS can quickly add custom GuardLab products to their practice offerings and attract new patients,” said Lars Christian Lund, Vice President of Global Business Development and Marketing of 3Shape.

To learn more about custom mouthguards by GuardLab or to join the GuardLab Dentist Network, visit www.guardlab.com; to learn about 3Shape TRIOS, visit www.3shape.com.

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