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Osstem Implant and 3Shape conclude global partnership

Osstem Implant and 3Shape have entered into a global partnership agreement for the distribution of 3Shape’s TRIOS intra-oral scanner. (Image: Osstem Implant)

Fri. 7. August 2020


SEOUL, South Korea/COPENHAGEN, Denmark: On 31 July, Osstem Implant entered into a global partnership agreement with 3Shape, a market-leading company in digital dentistry solutions. With the agreement, Osstem acquired the rights for global distribution of 3Shape’s TRIOS intra-oral scanner and CAD software. The South Korean company announced that it will launch TRIOS sequentially through its subsidiaries in China, India and the US.

The agreement with 3Shape will add to Osstem’s digital dentistry portfolio, and this is intended to accelerate growth and strengthen the company’s position in the global digital dentistry market. Osstem has already developed its own technology for guided implant surgery, OneGuide, as well as a CAD/CAM abutment, OneFit; a dental 3D printer, OneJet; a dental milling machine, OneMill; and many other products.

Tae Kwan Eom, CEO of Osstem, said: “Osstem and 3Shape have brought great accomplishment and values together to the South Korean dental market by providing premium-level digital dentistry services. I am delighted that, thanks to the global partnership agreement, Osstem can now provide high-level digital solutions not only to South Korean users but also to dental customers from all over the world. I believe that the cooperation between Osstem and 3Shape will not only benefit both companies but also generate the critical momentum to provide advanced digital dental technology for customers globally.“

Christoffer Melchior, senior vice president of global sales at 3Shape, commented: “Extending our partnership with Osstem is a great opportunity for 3Shape to strengthen our distributor network and reach new segments of the market. We look forward to continuing the strong partnership we have had in South Korea and other markets.”

Currently, Osstem operates 28 subsidiaries in 26 countries. In collaboration with various partners worldwide, Osstem sells products in more than 70 countries and is the world’s largest dental implant seller with regard to sales volume.




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