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3Shape and OrthoApnea join forces

The collaboration between 3Shape and OrthoApnea is intended to help patients start sleep apnoea therapy sooner and improve care. (Photograph: 3Shape)

Fri. 3. November 2017


COPENHAGEN, Denmark: 3Shape and OrthoApnea have joined digital forces, allowing dental professionals to send intra-oral scans from their 3Shape TRIOS directly to OrthoApnea. This enables the ordering and design of a personalised sleep device for obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome in a format aimed at helping patients receive sleep apnoea therapy sooner while improving care.

With the introduction of OrthoApnea’s sleep device NOA, launched at the World Sleep Congress held in October in Prague in the Czech Republic, the collaboration between both companies is set to improve the lives of those suffering from sleep apnoea syndrome.

“We are glad to join forces with OrthoApnea, an innovative company that uses 3Shape TRIOS intraoral scan data to help create this new and exciting solution for patient care: the NOA. TRIOS’ accuracy, ease of use, and its seamless connectivity with the widest selection of treatment options makes the TRIOS-powered digital workflow the choice of dental professionals,” said Allan Hyldal, Vice President of 3Shape Orthodontics.

According to OrthoApnea, the accuracy of digital impressions taken with 3Shape TRIOS helps the sleep appliance manufacturer tailor each NOA device to the individual patient. OrthoApnea has redesigned the oral device concept, using the anatomical, craniofacial and biomechanical characteristics of the patient when creating its personalised mandibular advancement devices—this data is digitalised in part by 3Shape TRIOS.

“3Shape TRIOS precision is a valuable asset for designing a device that integrates the individual anatomical and morphological features of each patient,” said Dr Pedro Mayoral, a board member of OrthoApnea’s scientific committee.

Both companies’ device manufacturing workflow is digital and 3Shape believes this will speed up production turnaround time and have patients using sleep apnoea therapy sooner. Additionally, ApneaDock, the online digital platform just launched by OrthoApnea, allows doctors to manage their treatments and connects all specialists treating a patient.

“Each patient deserves a tailored and customized solution against this widespread sleep pathology. I am happy to express that the inputs obtained using 3Shape technologies have been of great help for designing one NOA for each patient,” said Julio Moral, Managing Director of OrthoApnea.

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