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3Shape Automate's AI technology creates and delivers restorative designs proposals at the technician's desired turnaround time—regardless of how many designs have been ordered. (Video: 3Shape)
Brendan Day, Dental Tribune International

By Brendan Day, Dental Tribune International

Tue. 27. April 2021


COPENHAGEN, Denmark: Given its emphasis on research and development, 3Shape has always been focused on delivering innovative market-leading technological solutions to dental professionals. In keeping with this aim, the company has now launched 3Shape Automate, the world’s first digital dental design platform to be exclusively powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

Hosted on the 3Shape website, 3Shape Automate makes it easier than ever for dental laboratories to outsource restorative design when dealing with an unforeseen number of incoming orders. Its intuitive self-service model allows for technicians to set up an unlimited number of orders, put in their customised design preferences, upload scans and select their desired turnaround time. 3Shape Automate’s AI technology then creates and delivers the design proposals at the selected time—regardless of how many designs have been ordered.

3Shape Automate makes it easier than ever for dental laboratories to outsource restorative design. (Image: 3Shape)

“3Shape Automate has three key benefits for dental labs: speed, consistency and scalability. But for me, personally, I think that the biggest advantage is its scalability,” explained Dr Karl Hollenbeck, head of AutodontiX, a 3Shape division dedicated to developing AI technology applications within dentistry.

He continued: “Labs experience rush periods or have times when they need to cope with an overflow of orders. There are times when a designer is out sick, on vacation, or maybe he or she is just in a jam and doesn’t want to work overtime. In these situations, 3Shape Automate is the answer.”

According to Hollenbeck, many of the dental laboratories that have used 3Shape Automate “have raved about how much more cost-effective their manufacturing processes are”.

“They say blank management is much more efficient because you can collect cases and simply match them with the right blanks,” he remarked.

“Since 3Shape Automate is AI-driven and open 24/7, you can upload hundreds of cases to the platform and still choose for the designs to be delivered in five minutes. And they will definitely be ready in five minutes.”

An outstanding acceptance rate

Prior to its launch, 3Shape Automate was rigorously tested for several months under the name Express Crown by the 3Shape-owned design service FullContour. Though small tweaks were made along the way to optimise the platform, its predictable AI-driven results have already proved to be extremely popular with participating dental technicians, according to FullContour CEO Rob Laizure, Jr.

“We rolled the platform out slowly, but it has now already been used to create more than 70,000 designs,” he said.

“In addition, over 90% of the time, they review these designs and accept them without making any modifications. Since the technicians only pay for the designs that they accept and download, this figure really shows how effective 3Shape Automate is for outsourcing your restorative design needs,” Laizure, Jr added.

In Laizure, Jr’s opinion, another factor contributing to 3Shape Automate’s high rate of design acceptance is the platform’s easy-to-navigate interface. When users log in for the first time, they are presented with a guided tour of the website that takes them through the instructions for use, design preferences, turnaround times and more.

The technology powering 3Shape Automate has already been used to create more than 70,000 restorative designs. (Image: 3Shape)

“3Shape Automate has been designed to be extremely user-friendly,” he said. “It guides technicians through everything that they really need to know to be able to upload their first case without having to call for support or watch any walk-through videos beforehand. Not only is the AI behind this service extremely powerful, it’s also very easy to use.”

Try 3Shape Automate for free

The 3Shape Automate platform is currently available for monolithic single premolar and molar crowns and can be accessed 24/7 in the US as well as in several European countries. The full list of these countries is available here.

For dental technicians interested in trialling this new design service, 3Shape is providing an introductory offer of €40/US$50 in credit.

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