3Shape presents new AI workflows for dental labs

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3Shape presents new AI workflows for improved dental laboratory efficiency

New artificial intelligence-driven workflows in 3Shape’s laboratory software reduce time-consuming steps for laboratory technicians. (Image: 3Shape)

Fri. 8. March 2024


COPENHAGEN, Denmark: 3Shape has recently announced a series of new workflows in its laboratory software that are driven by artificial intelligence (AI). Additionally, the company has announced that its laboratory management software, 3Shape Lab Management Software (LMS), is now fully available to laboratories in North America.

Dr Rune Fisker, senior vice president for product strategy at 3Shape, commented: “With these new AI-driven workflows, we are revolutionising the way labs work. Rather than designing from scratch step by step, the AI generates model and design proposals that technicians can inspect and make corrections to only if needed. AI helps them to work more efficiently while also enabling them to focus on the more complex aspects of their designs.”

New laboratory software solutions

Model Builder Express with AI-driven workflow makes model production fast and easy

A completely new Model Builder Express for laboratories enables stand-alone dies and automates many steps in the workflows. The AI generates a model proposal that users can inspect and correct only if needed.

Default settings in the app are now editable, and users can take advantage of trimming toggle options for faster model adjustments.

3Shape Automate now with anterior tooth design 

3Shape Automate—3Shape’s remote digital design service powered by AI—has added anterior tooth design to its services. Automate allows laboratories to expand their treatment capacity, supporting them during busy periods, emergencies and employee absences.

In 2023, 3Shape Automate delivered over two million crown designs, demonstrating its usefulness for laboratories.

New 3Shape scanning software uses AI to trim gypsum model scans automatically

The software that drives the scanning process now reduces interactions and workflow time so that technicians can spend more time designing. Users scan as always, and the AI algorithm will present a trimming proposal that they can edit or accept as is.

Implant Studio with automatic outlining in surgical guide design workflow

Implant Studio 2024.1 uses AI technology to analyse the jaw and create the outline for a full-coverage surgical guide. The software builds the outline automatically without additional input. Users can easily edit the guide outline or start over if they want a different design.

3Shape LMS is now available for laboratories

3Shape LMS provides integrated workflow management for all types of cases, digital and analogue. It empowers dental laboratories to be more efficient in everyday tasks while nurturing client relationships built on better customer communications and improved tracking of orders, cases and invoices.

More information about the company can be found at www.3shape.com.

Editorial note:

The AI trimming proposal feature is only available with 3Shape E4 and F8 laboratory scanners.

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