Discover complete patient care at 3Shape Unfold

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Discover complete patient care at 3Shape Unfold

3Shape Unfold will feature live one-to-one demonstrations of 3Shape's wide range of digital dentistry solutions, including the recently launched AI-powered digital dental design platform 3Shape Automate. (VIdeo: 3Shape)
Brendan Day, Dental Tribune International

Brendan Day, Dental Tribune International

Thu. 20. May 2021


COPENHAGEN, Denmark: Known for its commitment to providing cutting-edge and market-leading dental solutions, 3Shape also prides itself on guiding and supporting dental professionals through all stages of their digital journeys. At 3Shape Unfold, a free online event to be held on 2 and 3 June, dentists and dental laboratory technicians will be given an excellent opportunity to experience the company’s latest digital innovations through one-to-one demonstrations, live Q & A sessions, and more.

3Shape Unfold will be divided into three distinct tracks. The first will be designed for dental professionals who have recently been introduced to intra-oral scanning. The second is for those already accustomed to intra-oral scanning solutions, and the third will be aimed at dental laboratory professionals.

Each of these tracks will provide event attendees with a variety of sessions specifically geared to their level of digital dentistry expertise and interests. Attendees can choose their track when accessing the event page and will easily be able to participate in sessions from the other tracks if desired.

Meeting your local needs

Live one-to-one demonstrations in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese and Korean can be booked by participants, and each of the three tracks will have local discussion rooms that feature country-specific contents.

Lars Christian Lund. (Image: 3Shape)

“With 3Shape Unfold, we are creating an event that makes it much easier for professionals to explore 3Shape solutions for digital dentistry,” said Lars Christian Lund, senior vice president of corporate business development and marketing at 3Shape.

He added: “For professionals already using digital technology, Unfold will enable them to dig deeper into the latest 3Shape workflows and integrations that are really driving innovative patient care. 3Shape Unfold is really just about that: an opportunity to grow.”

Rune Fisker, senior vice president of product strategy at 3Shape, remarked: “3Shape is ready to Unfold our newest announcements, innovations and services to help dentists and labs adapt better and more easily to the latest digital workflows. Join Unfold to learn more.”

Experience 3Shape Automate

According to Lund, the recently launched design platform 3Shape Automate will be a point of focus at the 3Shape Unfold event.

“As the first digital dental design platform powered exclusively by AI, it’s at the heart of our offering both today and for the future,” said Lund. “It’s a solution that could only have come from a company so driven to improve patient and professional outcomes. But Unfold is about far more than the Automate platform—we have some very informative webinars on building and communicating your brand, improving patient engagement, and increasing productivity and profitability. So, as exciting and revolutionary as 3Shape Automate is, it’s really just the tip of the Unfold iceberg.”

“There’s never been a better time to go digital with 3Shape—and to do so with complete peace of mind,” Lund added. “We can’t wait to tell you about it!”

For more information on the programme and to register, visit the 3Shape Unfold event website.

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