3Shape – TRIOS 4 intraoral scanner

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3Shape – TRIOS 4 intraoral scanner


The award winning 3Shape TRIOS 4 intraoral scanner comes with increased battery life (+30%), optimized wireless performance, smart tips, and groundbreaking caries diagnostic aid technology for surface caries.

TRIOS 4 has built-in fluorescent technology that aids in the identification of possible caries. Using TRIOS 4, dental professionals can now be aided in the early detection of surface caries, without the need for an additional scanning device.

TRIOS 4 also includes the new generation of TRIOS smart tips featuring instant-heat technology for optimized scanning. This enables the scanner to be scan-ready in seconds, scan 2-3 times as many patients, and increase battery life by 30%.

TRIOS 4 also features a flexible two-in-one solution that combines wired and wireless functionality with a simple plug-in cord for switching to wired power if desired.