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Intra-oral dental radiography is an everyday procedure in a dental practice. The emergence of minimally invasive dentistry and the increasing demands of patients related to the boom in new technologies implies that the practitioner must make a choice between several systems. With its compactness and speed, the PSPIX² device will find a prominent place in the dental surgery.

  • PSPIX² provides accurate images and striking contrast to ensure a reliable diagnosis thanks to the exclusive Fiber2Pixel technology
  • The extremely fast and automated image acquisition allows to streamline the dentist’s workflow
  • 5 imaging plates sizes are available depending on patient morphology and clinical applications


"Patients who visit the practice have differing tolerances to films or imaging plates being placed in their mouth. Challenges such as a strong tongue, gag reflexes, arch shape in both adult and child, will all mean that one film size will not be adequate to take the different types of intra-oral x-rays required. We have different PSPIX² imaging plate sizes available in all our surgeries, and this is essential.”
Dr Dawett, UK, Dental Surgeon

“The PSPIX² has been a welcome addition to my dental practice. It has been an investment that has paid for itself over and over again by increasing workflow and patient education.”
Dr Snyder, USA, Dental Surgeon