Amann Girrbach celebrates ten years of Ceramill Motion 2

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Amann Girrbach celebrates ten years of Ceramill Motion 2 with upgrade

The Ceramill Motion 2 was one of the first milling machines for use for both dry and wet fabrication. (Image: Amann Girrbach)

Tue. 26. April 2022


KOBLACH, Austria: When Amann Girrbach launched the Ceramill Motion 2 five-axis milling unit in 2012, it redefined the industry standard in terms of technical capabilities, fabrication diversity and quality. On the occasion of the machine’s tenth anniversary, the company has introduced a major update with the new Mark IV generation of machines, together with the new DRY Package for dry milling.

The Ceramill Motion 2 was one of the first milling machines which could be used for both dry and wet fabrication. This shifted the value creation chain back to the laboratory. Worldwide, this generation of machines has clocked up over ten million operating hours, making it the most successful upgradeable hybrid platform of all time. This is confirmed by enthusiastic customer testimonials, such as that of Benjamin Votteler from Dentaltechnik Votteler: “My Ceramill Motion 5× DNA works just like me: precisely, fast, aesthetically, versatilely.”

To mark this success story, a major machine update has now been implemented and the Ceramill Motion 2 DRY has been upgraded with innovative milling strategies and a new, open C-clamp blank holder.

Nikolaus Johannson, head of the global business unit lab CAD/CAM at Amann Girrbach, commented: “The Ceramill Motion 2 DRY continues to represent the benchmark in terms of fabrication quality. The update enables laboratories to work even more efficiently, more accurately and faster. Above all, the package impresses with its excellent price–performance ratio.”

In addition to the DRY Package, two further anniversary packages are available. The HYBRID Package covers both wet and dry processing, and the CAPACITY Package offers two milling units. The special offers are available until 30 June. Further information can be found at

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