“Our focus this year is on allogeneic materials”

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“Our focus this year is on allogeneic materials”

BioHorizon Camlog is showcasing its products at the 2023 EAO–DGI joint meeting at Booth #H09. (Image: Dental Tribune International)

Thu. 28. September 2023


BioHorizons Camlog, a diamond partner of the 2023 EAO–DGI joint meeting, is presenting its comprehensive portfolio of various implant systems and regenerative biomaterials at the congress. As head of marketing communication, Christina Ritchie explains in this interview that the company’s focus this year is on allogeneic bone grafts and outlines what attendees can expect at the BioHorizons Camlog booth and workshops.

BioHorizons Camlog’s head of marketing communication, Christina Ritchie at the event. (Image: Dental Tribune International)

Ms Ritchie, what can attendees expect when visiting your booth?
At our booth (#H09), where we are encouraging attendees to engage openly with us, visitors can get to know the broad product portfolio of BioHorizons and Camlog, which offers solutions for all three key topics of the congress—advances in digital technology, prosthetic components for motor-impaired patients and peri-implantitis therapy. In order to enable dental professionals and particularly implantologists to provide their patients with the optimal treatment, we offer innovative implant systems with which modern therapy concepts can be implemented as well as a comprehensive range of biomaterials for bone regeneration. Our focus this year is on allogeneic materials, which are available in particulate form as blocks or shells and are, in our opinion, setting a trend for use in the creation of stable implant sites.

 Since allogeneic materials are a current trend in implantology, BioHorizons Camlog is holding workshops dedicated to this topic at the meeting. Can you tell us more about them?
On Friday, we will host two workshops focusing on allogeneic substitutes. The first workshop will be held by Prof. Daniel Rothamel from Germany, who is an expert in the field of bone regeneration. The workshop will be held in German with English interpretation available. In the theoretical part of the training, he will expand on basic biological information before discussing bone augmentation techniques and demonstrating the successful application of the allogeneic materials with patient cases. In the hands-on part of the training, the participants will be able to practise the handling of the materials and the different techniques on a model.

What topic or concept will be presented in the second workshop?
Dr Robert Oretti, a well-known teacher and mentor on all aspects of cosmetic and dental implant therapies from the UK, is a proponent of the concept of open wound healing and will demonstrate its possibilities in modern implant therapy and explain the aspects that must be considered in this treatment concept. In this hands-on workshop, participants will be provided with the necessary decision-making criteria as well as a risk assessment guide to help them choose the correct treatment option for each specific indication. One of the important expected outcomes of the surgical procedure is the preservation of the mucogingival junction, even in the case of tension-free closure of the soft tissue over the bone graft.

Are allogeneic bone graft substitutes an alternative to the gold standard—autologous bone harvesting?
There is now increasing evidence that allogeneic materials are a good alternative to autologous grafts. In the workshops, both speakers will present new data and therapy concepts for allografts, pointing to the potential clinical relevance of these materials in implant dentistry.

What do you personally expect from your participation at the meeting?
For me, the personal exchange and the expansion of my knowledge relating to this evolving area are important. I want to learn about the challenges dentists and surgeons alike are facing around the world and to hear how we can best support them to find a solution. The opportunity for discussion, meeting with experts whose research has been cited in the lectures and the chance to learn from and with my peers are my goals.

Editorial note:

More information about BioHorizons Camlog can be found at www.biohorizonscamlog.com. The company is showcasing its products at Booth #H09.

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