Camlog adds allogeneic products to biomaterials portfolio

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Camlog adds allogeneic products to its biomaterials portfolio

MinerOss A is an allogeneic alternative to autologous grafts. (Image: BioHorizons Camlog)

Thu. 28. September 2023


BASEL, Switzerland: Camlog has integrated human bone substitute materials into its existing portfolio of regenerative biomaterials, further expanding its market position and enabling the company to offer a comprehensive product range for virtually all requirements for the regeneration of hard and soft tissue. The allogeneic biomaterials, developed by botiss biomaterials, have been successfully used in clinical applications for many years and have been marketed by Camlog Biotechnologies in Switzerland under the brand name MinerOss A since January.

MinerOss A—human bone material

MinerOss A is an allogeneic alternative to autologous grafts, which are often obtained by an additional surgical procedure from another region of the jaw. The human donor bone—mainly femoral heads donated after hip surgery—is processed by Cells+Tissuebank Austria according to a stringent serological screening protocol in a multistep purification process for safe use. MinerOss A enables reliable and predictable results for the regeneration of bone defects. It is available as cancellous and cortico-cancellous granules and blocks as well as cortical plates and is used in guided bone regeneration techniques in the jaw. The cancellous bone structure enables bone regeneration in confined defects, whereas the cortico-cancellous product provides more volume stability outside the profile. Scientific study data suggests that allografts are similar to the patient’s own bone in use and integrate quickly.1–5 MinerOss A demonstrates high regenerative capacity and natural remodelling behaviour owing to the natural composition of the bone, which contains mineralised human collagen.2 The use of a membrane is recommended for vertical or horizontal alveolar ridge defects to protect the augmentation. To preserve soft-tissue volume or thicken tissue, combining MinerOss A with an acellular dermal tissue matrix, such as NovoMatrix, is a predictable treatment option.

Comprehensive biomaterials portfolio

“With the objective of achieving vital and reactive tissue formation with every tissue regeneration technique, it is possible to cover almost the entire field of defect regeneration with our biomaterials portfolio—which includes xenogeneic and alloplastic bone substitute materials as well as membranes, and now also allogeneic products,” said Robin Rocker, head of BioHorizons Camlog Switzerland. “With this comprehensive portfolio of biomaterials of different origins, we can not only address the medical indication itself but also the wishes and requirements arising on the part of patients in ethnic, religious and ethical terms.”

MinerOss A is ideally suited for the following indications:

  • Regeneration of periodontal osseous defects, even after cyst or root end resections.
  • Regeneration of extraction sockets and gaps between the alveolar wall and dental implants.
  • Sinus lift.
  • Horizontal augmentation of alveolar ridges.
  • 3D (horizontal and/or vertical) augmentation of the alveolar ridge.

Editorial note:

A list of references is available here.

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