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The demand for highly esthetic prosthetics is on the increase. There is a focus on ceramic implant solutions with high biocompatibility. The ivory colored one-piece CERALOG® Monobloc and the two-piece CERALOG® Hexalobe implants offer an exceptionally high level of esthetic properties. This is a mature system that has been in clinical use for many years. The high tissue compatibility of zirconium dioxide is widely acclaimed.

Following extensive research and market observation, CAMLOG identified AXIS biodental SA as the leading manufacturer of innovative zirconium dioxide implants and acquired a majority stakeholding in the company in 2016. Since IDS 2017, CAMLOG markets the AXIS implant system under the name CERALOG®.

In 2004, the Swiss company AXIS biodental SA already laid the research foundation for the development of high performance zirconium dioxide implants in conjunction with Ceramic Injection Molding (CIM).

The first clinical studies were initiated in 2007 and already used the current material composition and surface texture. Marketing commenced with the one-piece Monobloc implant. The two-piece Hexalobe implant has been used successfully in the present configuration since early 2013.



CERALOG Dental Implants System - Declaration of Conformity - PDF

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