ClearCorrect expands into international markets and new manufacturing lines

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ClearCorrect expands into international markets and new manufacturing lines

ClearCorrect will be entering eight new markets and activating two new manufacturing lines as part of its global expansion strategy. (Image: ClearCorrect)

Wed. 12. April 2023


BASEL, Switzerland: ClearCorrect, a pioneering provider of orthodontic solutions, has pressed ahead with its global growth strategy, driven by several new market entries and manufacturing line activations achieved during 2022. The company, which was acquired by the Straumann Group in 2017, has launched new and updated products and added new features to its premier aligner and associated digital portals, applications, software, service and educational programmes in eight additional countries.

Engineered for precision, comfort and aesthetics, ClearCorrect’s aligners represent the ultimate orthodontic tool for practising orthodontists. Created and evolved from decades of material science research and innovation, these aligners retain ten times more of their initial force than do the aligners of competitors and have four times more proven tear resistance. This is achieved by combining proprietary ClearQuartz tri-layer material, a high and flat trim line and scientifically proven clinical features. The physical product range is backed by a powerful digital ecosystem designed to offer control and flexibility over treatments while maximising productivity.

Furthermore, ClearCorrect has recently received approval to commercialise its aligner system in China—an activity which will be supported by in-country manufacturing and treatment planning sites. Additional manufacturing lines have been brought on stream in the US and Germany, and with the Brazilian manufacturing already in place, the company is primed for global production across four different continents. ClearCorrect also operates three treatment planning centres.

“The past year has been a continuation of the momentum we have built up since ClearCorrect joined the Straumann Group in 2017,” commented Camila Finzi, head of the orthodontic business unit at Straumann. “With eight new markets and two new manufacturing lines being activated, we are now very well positioned to bring ClearCorrect to clinicians and their practices all around the world. This latest expansion drive is a signal of confidence in our product and our ability to scale,” she continued.

“Across almost two decades, we have been able to transform over a million smiles for people in more than 50 countries,” Finzi noted.

The company’s solutions are now available in 56 countries, and at least three new markets will be coming on stream during the rest of 2023.

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