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Michael Bender is the vice president and head of regional marketing and education for the central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa region at Straumann Group. (Image: Straumann)

Mon. 6. February 2023


Having a clear vision of unlocking the potential of people’s lives, Straumann delivers cutting-edge product innovations that are regarded as industry benchmarks and disruptive technological breakthroughs that are supported by long-term scientific evidence. The clear aligner market in the Middle Eastern region is projected to grow to US$350 million (€285 million) by 2030. With more and more consumers being made aware of the benefits of correcting minor to major malocclusions, the clear aligner industry is only going to grow and has become the treatment of choice and convenience for patients of all age groups.

Education is of key importance when partnering with Straumann and ClearCorrect. Through a number of customised education plans and continual software and product innovations, Straumann continues to invest in the development of ClearCorrect to ensure that it is a truly consumer-centred product that can help millions of people across the world.

In this interview, Michael Bender, vice president and head of regional marketing and education for the central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa region at Straumann Group, talks about the company’s latest innovations and its position in the global dental market.

Mr Bender, how important is the Middle Eastern market for the Straumann Group?
The Middle Eastern market has always been, and still is, of the highest strategic importance for the Straumann Group. Since business potential and growth expectations are huge, we continuously invest in this area. Over the last couple of years, this region has been developed into a highly attractive dentistry hub that has gained a high reputation and that exerts a positive impact, especially on aesthetic dentistry. That is also one of the main reasons why we took the decision to hold our large and very successful aesthetic dentistry summit in January 2022 in Dubai. The event attracted more than 500 participants.

The Middle Eastern market has always been, and still is, of the highest strategic importance for the Straumann Group

In recent years, a large number of dental professionals have moved to the Middle East, especially to the emirate of Dubai. This growing size of the market gives the region greater relevance. Peers can connect, exchange ideas and build sustainable communities in the region. During COVID-19, we have always been committed to keeping our strong presence and even increasing our investment in the Middle East, for example by participating in regional events such as AEEDC Dubai.

What are Straumann’s latest innovations, and how are they supporting the dental practice?
We want to become the most customer-focused and innovative oral health company in the world. We want to stay at the forefront when it comes to delivering innovative solutions and treatment services for dental professionals.

Most recently, we have introduced the Straumann BLX and TLX lines with dynamic bone management, which have been specially developed to make immediate protocols achievable, predictable and minimally invasive in all bone types.

What is important about these two lines is that they benefit from the same endosteal design, which means the same drill set is used for both systems. This a true advantage for clinicians willing to further expand the variety of indications they cover, either using BLX, our new generation of bone-level implant, or using TLX, which enables them to take advantage of the proven benefits of a tissue-level implant that is now suitable for immediate workflows. These lines are fully integrated digitally, including for planning and for using CAD/CAM to fabricate restorations, enabling our customers to optimise their workflows.

Straumann’s Smile in a Box treatment planning and manufacturing service. (Image: Straumann)

A special highlight in implant treatment service is Smile in a Box. Smile in a Box is a flexible digital treatment planning and manufacturing service that helps dental professionals to grow and develop their dental practice. This offering drives value by improving patient acceptance and allowing access to digital dentistry without investing in additional hardware or software. Surgeons gain more efficiency by reducing chair time with immediate treatment protocols, and they increase the level of confidence in implant placement with a more predictable workflow using guided surgery. Smile in a Box lets you grow your business, no matter where you are in your practice development.

We are proud of our new treatment services and also proud of our new intra-oral scanner, Virtuo Vivo, which has one of the smallest and lightest handpieces currently available on the market. The handpiece, which weighs only 130 g, is ergonomically designed and has a pen-like grip, offering unparalleled patient comfort. The Virtuo Vivo replaces conventional tray impressions and, owing to the small scanner size, makes the patient experience more pleasant and acceptable. The Virtuo Vivo connects directly to Straumann Group services and solutions, such as coDiagnostiX implant planning software and ClearCorrect clear aligners, while staying a completely open system.

How is education going to contribute to the overall success of the company across the region?
It is our mission to be the benchmark for professional training and continuing development in implant dentistry. Together with our partners, we offer a comprehensive educational programme in all disciplines of implant dentistry and make the latest technology available. This education covers all relevant aspects of dentistry, including tooth preservation, implant-borne restorations, oral tissue regeneration, and digital workflows for all specialisations and on all skill levels.

We offer the opportunity to learn, meet, share, explore and grow, and we welcome everyone who is interested in the outcome of close and long-term collaboration with leading clinics, research institutes, universities, networks and communities—juniors, seniors, scientists, dental professionals and entrepreneurs of any age, sex, beliefs or nationality, in short anyone curious for more.

What makes Straumann different from other companies?
As a global leader in implantology with a legacy of more than 60 years in dental technology, Straumann is proud of its product innovations and technological breakthroughs and insists on the support of scientific evidence. Its breakthroughs have included the TL implant with its Morse taper connection in 1986 and the launches of the SLActive surface in 2005 and the Roxolid material in 2009. We stand for premium Swiss quality, precision and innovation. We deliver confidence in dentistry and are backed by the largest global scientific network in implantology, the International Team for Implantology.

A key benefit when partnering with Straumann is education. We provide clinicians access to a global network of peers and mentors as well as to an extensive panel of educational options in order to support our customers in developing their skills, growing and succeeding.

But that is not all, particularly considering evolving needs in this time of digital transformation. When it comes to digital dentistry, Straumann offers efficient and validated workflows, high-tech dental equipment and premium materials. This gives customers direct access to a complete ecosystem covering all stages of the implant workflow for a frictionless experience: data acquisition, planning, design, surgery and restoration. At all stages of the implant workflow, whether in-house or outsourced, our systems are modular, compatible with third-party solutions and truly tailored to support our customers in their journey.

Editorial note:

For more information, AEEDC attendees can drop by Booth 7B10 or visit www.straumann.com.

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