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Available in five different sizes, our CURAPROX CPS prime interdental brushes are highly versatile and specifically designed for the narrowest interdental spaces. With the CPS prime, disrupting interdental biofilm becomes easier than ever before.

The finest brushes on the market

Combining the finest brushes on the market with an easy to use click system, the CURAPROX CPS prime line presents a more effective and gentler alternative to dental floss.

The right brush for each interdental space

The width of each interdental space is usually unknown. With our IAP colorimetric probe we are the only company to allow you to effectively determine the width of your patients' interdental spaces as well as the right brush size.

Stronger and meant to last longer

The ultra-fine, stiff and nickel-free surgical wire is suitable for those with allergies, and makes sure the brush stays tense while the bristles fill out the entire interdental space. Moreover, the conical design of the wire stops it from breaking prematurely and ensures it lasts extra long.

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