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Dentsply Sirona announces comprehensive restage of its implant business

Dentsply Sirona has recently announced that it is offering solutions and products to streamline implant treatments in order to ensure practice growth and consistent patient satisfaction. (Image: vipman/Shutterstock)

Mon. 4. October 2021


CHARLOTTE, N.C., U.S.: Just recently, Dentsply Sirona has introduced a comprehensive restage of its implants business, which will now include three signature workflows to provide dental professionals with a novel way of practicing implantology. The company has also introduced new solutions from impression taking to final restoration, which are expected to exceed expectations in efficiency, accuracy, esthetics, longevity and simplicity.

According to the company, the Single Tooth Signature Workflow will enable customers to be faster and more efficient in their work, which will allow them to see more patients a day. The Partial Multiple Tooth Replacement Signature Workflow will provide clinicians with more confidence, whereas the patients will enjoy more comfort. The Full Arch Signature Workflow will be used for treating patients with an edentulous maxilla.

In its quest for transforming implantology, Dentsply Sirona has also introduced DS PrimeTaper, a self-tapping implant with a tapered design. The implant has a unique double thread, which enables long-term bone stability. According to the company, the product has already received positive feedback from global key opinion leaders in implant dentistry. “DS PrimeTaper represents the next step in implant dentistry. The digital-driven workflow results in higher accuracy, repeatability of processes, and time savings,” a U.S. dentist Dr. Daniel Butterman said in a press release.

“My patients have better things to do than spending time in my office. Thanks to clearly defined processes and digital solutions, I can offer safer and faster treatment options, which my patients appreciate. That’s what efficiency is all about,” he added.

Dentsply Sirona's PrimeTaper. (Image: Dentsply Sirona)

Transforming digital implant dentistry

Commenting on the announcement, Dr. Terri Dolan, chief clinical officer at Dentsply Sirona, said in a press release: “Dentsply Sirona is about intelligent concepts that work intuitively and improve the predictability of treatment.” She then added: “Our goal is to enable clinicians, including both specialists and general practitioners, to focus on what they do best—creating healthy and beautiful smiles.

“Our vision for digital implant dentistry will be supported by a global clinical education program focused on end-to-end digital implant workflow solutions to achieve clinic, technical and practice excellence. The extensive curriculum is designed to build clinicians’ digital implant skills according to their level of experience and personal learning preferences. These include online education and personalized learning, as well as more than 50 state-of-the-art Dentsply Sirona Academy education centers around the world,” Dolan explained.

More information about the company can be found here.

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