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Dentsply Sirona – CEREC Blocs


The CEREC Bloc C and Bloc C PC feldspathic ceramic blocks from Sirona boast unmatched esthetics, translucency, polishability and chameleon effect. To give dentists and dental technicians a more reliable color match, Sirona is now distributing these blocks in the VITA classical A1 – D4.

CEREC Blocs have been proven in chairside restorations for 30 years. Their enamel-like properties, esthetics and ease of processing speak for themselves. And they need no glazing, ensuring quick processing.

Classical tooth colors that cover nearly all indications

To make color selection even more reliable and allow a better match, Sirona is now offering these blocks exclusively in the familiar colors of the VITA Classical A1 – D4 shade guide, thus replacing the former Sirona color system. The colors of the VITA shade guide are known around the world, so dentists no longer need to adjust to different color systems. The eleven colors in the VITA range cover more than 93 percent of all restorations produced around the world; the colors A1 to A3.5 alone cover 85 percent.

The conversion to the VITA classical A1 – D4 shade guide for CEREC Blocs C will make using the proven feldspathic ceramic blocks even easier.

And inCoris TZI C, the pre-colored translucent zirconium oxide sintered ceramic, is also available in the Classical colors. This facilitates the dentist's communication with the assistant and the dental technician when selecting the color for the specific patient restoration to be produced.

Feldspathic ceramic for an even more natural look

CEREC Bloc C in monocolor is highly translucent with an enhanced chameleon effect. It is therefore recommended especially for use in the production of inlays and partial crowns with the CEREC system. The CEREC Bloc C PC (polychromatic) is a feldspathic ceramic with several layers of color that is particularly suitable for producing crowns for posterior teeth. CEREC Bloc C In is ideal for a natural look in anterior teeth. All three materials can be also customized as needed.