GBT training opportunities: Practice makes perfect

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GBT training opportunities: Practice makes perfect

Dental professionals can book for GBT hands-on training courses at one of the EMS training centres or at their own dental practice. (Image: EMS)


Thu. 19. October 2023


NYON, Switzerland: Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT), developed by EMS together with clinicians and academics, is a systematic, evidence-based modular protocol for prevention, prophylaxis and therapy. To ensure that GBT is implemented consistently in practice, the Swiss Dental Academy (SDA) offers a combination of theory and high-level hands-on advanced training sessions. These can be booked for EMS training centres or at dental practices.

GBT is a further development of the recall hour suggested by Dr Per Axelsson, which is supported by numerous clinical studies.1–5 It shows equivalent or better results than conventional methods while being gentler and has a higher patient compliance.6–8 This concept can be adapted to all patient groups, and clinical findings are based on risk assessment.

Highest standard

The SDA was founded in 2006 and is the educational arm of EMS, headquartered in Nyon. All SDA trainers are experienced, fully qualified dental hygienists, general dentists or dental specialists who work closely with experts from academia as well as those in practice. This unique combination ensures that the eight modular steps of the GBT protocol are learned and performed to the highest standard. Worldwide, the SDA offers more than 5,000 courses annually in over 70 countries. SDA courses include applications of GBT around implants, in orthodontics and in periodontal patients and children.

Individual practice training: SDA comes to your practice

Courses to enable a practice to become GBT-certified are particularly popular. In this format, SDA trainers come to the practice and train the entire team on-site. The theoretical part of the training covers the need for and understanding of GBT with respect to biofilm-related diseases, prevention, maintenance and treatment. More emphasis is placed on the practical aspects, teaching the use of the high-precision original AIRFLOW Prophylaxis Master, AIRFLOW MAX, PERIOFLOW and PIEZON NO PAIN PS instrument—with special attention to ergonomics, correct usage, and daily tips and tricks in line with the GBT protocol. GBT practice training is an investment with the best possible return—both economically and clinically and in terms of team spirit.

Alternatively, GBT courses are offered at EMS training centres or specialised facilities. New employees, for example, can take part in these while the day-to-day running of the practice continues. There are GBT training centres in Nyon, in Munich in Germany, in Milan in Italy and in Stockholm in Sweden. These are equipped with state-of-the-art GBT equipment, including the GBT Lounge. Additional training centres will soon be opening in Tokyo in Japan, in Lisbon in Portugal and in Sydney in Australia. GBT courses at the SDA stand for quality and satisfied practice teams and patients, and thus for economic success.

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