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GC South America attends PRO EXPERIENCE 2022

The 17th Congresso Internacional de Prótese Odontológica and Expolab took place from 29 September to 1 October in Brazil. (Image: GC International)

Wed. 2. November 2022


SÃO PAULO, Brazil: After three years of social distancing, PRO EXPERIENCE, the Congresso Internacional de Prótese Odontológica (international dental prosthetics congress) and Expolab, returned in full swing for its 17th year and offered 1,440 hours of programming. Lectures at the event featured international speakers, including Julian Cardona, and renowned Brazilian speakers Francisco Mello, Dorival Edson Góis Lopes and Dr Carlos Moura Guedes. The event has grown exponentially over the years, attracting attendees and exhibitors from around the world.

The GC South America booth at the 17th Congresso Internacional de Prótese Odontológica and Expolab. (Image: GC International)

PRO EXPERIENCE 2022 marked the return of face-to-face events for dental technicians in Brazil, bringing together approximately 9,000 attendees from 15 countries. Hosted by the Associação dos Técnicos em Prótese Dentária (dental prosthesis technicians’ association of São Paulo), the event featured four major lecture spaces and a large exhibition hall.

In the hall, GC South America utilised its 40 m2 stand for an impressive display of its cutting-edge products and technologies, including GC Initial LiSi, GC Initial LiSi Press, GC Initial IQ Lustre Paste NF, CERASMART and OPTIGLAZE Color. Cibelly Serafim performed practical demonstrations on GC Initial ceramic materials at the booth.

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