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Prof. Maria Fidela de Lima Navarro honoured as professor emeritus at University of São Paulo

GC Brazil, represented by José Geraldo Lopes Neves on the right, joined a hybrid ceremony held in honour of Prof. Maria Fidela de Lima Navarro, among other academics, during which she was awarded the title of professor emeritus by the University of São Paulo. (Image: GC South America)

Thu. 14. April 2022


SÃO PAULO, Brazil: In a ceremony full of accounts of overcoming challenges and inspiring accomplishments, the faculty of dentistry on the University of São Paulo’s Bauru campus bestowed the honour of professor emeritus to three individuals, including Prof. Maria Fidela de Lima Navarro. The honour is awarded to retired professors who have distinguished themselves through teaching, research and other contributions to the university.

The hybrid two-day awards ceremony took place on 7 and 8 March at the campus’s university theatre and was broadcast live on YouTube. GC Brazil, represented by José Geraldo Lopes Neves, attended the ceremony in recognition of the contributions that Prof. Navarro has made to dentistry research in Brazil.

“Many actions have led us to share knowledge and continue to learn. We are here in this solemn moment, and it gives me immense joy and a feeling of accomplishment with the professional and personal goals that were achieved, as a group,” Prof. Navarro said in her acceptance speech. “We reaffirm our confidence in being able to always share a new path, towards the highest peaks that certainly still need to be climbed. This is because, despite the paths we have taken so far, many other fields still need to be explored, and a journey of new discoveries is just beginning,” she continued.

Prof. Navarro has contributed and continues to contribute to research related to glass ionomers and glass hybrids as well as their properties and applications in several clinical cases. Her research has routinely demonstrated the efficacy of GC products, such as EQUIA Forte and GC Gold Label.

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