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Towards simplification in dentistry―GC to host online event on new treatment protocols

Choosing the right procedures and treatment options in daily practice has become a challenge. At its upcoming online symposium, GC’s experts will educate dental professionals on simple ways to use new materials and protocols for optimal treatment outcomes. (Image: Natali _ Mis/Shutterstock)
Dental Tribune International

Dental Tribune International

Mon. 8. November 2021


LEUVEN, Belgium: GC is committed to giving dental professionals easy access to educational resources. After a number of successful online symposia, the dental manufacturer is now getting ready for another digital continuing education highlight. Under the title “Sharing 100 years of experience―towards simplification in dentistry”, GC will be hosting its next online event from 15 to 19 November.

According to GC, the vast number of treatment options, seemingly endless material choices, steadily increasing patient demands and stricter regulations represent today’s greatest challenges for running a successful dental practice.

Dr Maciej Żarow, a well-known dentist from Cracow in Poland who also runs an international postgraduate education centre, will be the moderator of the symposium. In an interview with Dental Tribune International, he said that the rapid changes brought about by newly released technologies represent a challenge for dental professionals. “Clinical cases are becoming increasingly complex owing to the variety of options that can be applied. For example, one of the most important decisions is choosing between direct and indirect restorations, even in cases of complete occlusal rehabilitation. That can be solved today with direct composite materials, which was impossible to even imagine ten years ago. The dental protocols are changing, and we need to know them in order to meet the growing needs of our patients.”

For this reason, GC has compiled a comprehensive programme for its upcoming online symposium, during which attendees can learn all about the latest in evidence-based workflows for a variety of indications that will allow them to make educated choices for restorative treatment. “Dentistry is changing so fast that all of us should be aware of new trends, new materials and new protocols that are evidence-based and clinically proven. Using the same predictable protocols, dental professionals will be able to achieve similar results,” stated Dr Żarow, who has been a member of GC’s restorative board since 2011 and has collaborated with the company’s research and development department for several years. “Dental professionals must not miss this symposium, as it will present protocols for new, simplified clinical dentistry,” Dr Żarow emphasised.

Elaborating on simplification in dentistry, the symposium’s overall topic, he stated: “Simplification means less invasion into the tooth structure and less preparation. It also means additive dentistry by adding material instead of removing sound tissue, using new technologies and materials.”

During the five-day symposium, ten distinguished clinical experts will present their views on a wide range of topics based on clinical cases. Among other speakers, Drs Javier Tapia Guadix, Georg Benjamin, Stephane Browet, David Gerdolle and Prof. Falk Schwendicke will compare direct and indirect adhesive restorations in the anterior region and discuss restoring endodontically treated teeth directly and indirectly, early diagnosis and management of cracks in the posterior dentition, and treatment options for deep carious lesions in children, adults and elderly patients.

At the end of each presentation, viewers will have the opportunity to discuss the different approaches with the experts during a Q & A session. In total, up to five continuing education credits can be obtained for participation in this online symposium.

The first session will start on 15 November at 7 p.m. CET. Dental professionals can register free of charge for single or all sessions of the event at www.gcdentalcampus.com. Translations into French, German, Italian and Spanish will be available.

The symposium is part of the promotion of GC’s 100th anniversary this year.

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