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LM-Activator: Delivering early orthodontic intervention

The LM-Activator is biocompatible, comfortable and designed to be used by child orthondontic patients. (Image: LM-Dental)


Mon. 20. September 2021


COLOGNE, Germany: LM-Dental takes great pride in turning dental care into a safe, efficient and altogether pleasant experience. At the 2021 International Dental Show (IDS), the Finnish company will be exhibiting the LM-Activator, an orthodontic appliance designed to support the healthy growth and development of the face and jaw during the mixed dentition stage.

According to LM-Dental, guiding the development of erupting teeth and growing jaws delivers benefits in a manner akin to assisting the maturation of a young tree. (Image: LM-Dental)

According to LM-Dental, research indicates that malocclusions in primary dentition persist and tend to become more severe as the dentition develops. For this reason, early intervention with a device like the LM-Activator can reduce or even eliminate the need for further treatment.

The LM-Activator provides gentle guidance by aligning teeth, activating mandibular growth and expanding the arch perimeter in mixed dentition. It corrects and aligns sagittal and vertical relationships simultaneously, and occlusion can be controlled in a three-dimensional manner. Furthermore, the large range of model and size combinations means that the LM-Activator is suitable for a great number of patients and for many different cases including overbite, excess overjet, deep bite, crowding and anterior dental crossbite (that is, inverted incisors).

Value for money

According to LM-Dental, the LM-Activator is cost-effective, as only a single treatment phase with simultaneous alignment, levelling and antero-posterior correction is needed instead of separate stages. This enables a reduced treatment complexity that is clinically and scientifically supported by evidence from cohort-controlled and randomised controlled trial results—not to mention evidence from hundreds of thousands of patients around the world. Once the desired model has been chosen, treatment can be started immediately.

Prof. Emeritus Juha Varrela. (Image: LM-Dental)

Safety and comfort for the patient

Made from medical-grade silicone, the LM-Activator is flexible and comfortable for the patient, yet also durable and reinforced in the incisal area. The silicone material is fully biocompatible, safe for daily use, and does not contain any colouring agents, fragrance agents, softeners or other additives.

A daily rinsing with water is enough to clean the LM-Activator, though it can also be disinfected by boiling. It is removable, allowing patients to eat any food normally and to participate in sports.

“The appliance has many advantages,” explained Prof. Emeritus Juha Varrela, a specialist in orthodontics from the University of Turku’s Institute of Dentistry.

“Most importantly, early treatment with the LM-Activator will stop the development of the malocclusion, thereby preventing it from becoming more severe. For children, the LM-Activator is easy to use. The treatment is simple and straightforward, and the treatment outcome more natural,” he added.

LM-Dental at IDS 2021

LM-Dental will be exhibiting the LM-Activator and its range of dental solutions at IDS 2021. IDS attendees can visit the company’s booth (F040) in Hall 10.1 or Planmeca’s booth (K010) in Hall 11.2 to personally experience LM-Dental’s products.


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