LM-Dental recognised for its innovation

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LM-Dental recognised for its innovation

At the recent Finnish Dental Congress and Exhibition, LM-Dental was recognised for its commitment to development and design, receiving the 2019 Innovation Award. (Image: LM-Dental)

Fri. 20. December 2019


HELSINKI, Finland: The Finnish Dental Congress and Exhibition is a great event for dentists, dental assistants, oral hygienists, dental technicians and students to learn about the latest in innovation, test new products and interact with industry leaders from across the world. At this year’s event, LM-Dental received the Innovation Award for its contribution to the improvement of the working conditions of dentists and other dental health professionals.

LM-Dental has many years of development work in Finland behind it already and has been a leader in setting industry standards worldwide. The company has developed a range of dental hand instruments, orthodontic appliances and related systems. LM-Dental is recognised as Europe’s fastest growing manufacturer of hand instruments and as market leader in the Nordic countries. In addition, over 80% of its products are exported worldwide.

In its development and design work, LM-Dental puts a considerable amount of work into improving the ergonomics of instruments and understanding the special needs of dental professionals. At the recent congress, a jury consisting of dental care experts rewarded LM-Dental for its long-term efforts in this area. However, it is not just its efforts in instrument development that has set LM-Dental apart from its competitors.  According to the company, its most recent innovation, the LM Dental Tracking System, improves work efficiency and patient safety.

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