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LM periodontal instruments now sharpen-free

The micro-coated Sharp Diamond instruments are razor-sharp and require no sharpening. (Image: LM-Dental)


Wed. 20. July 2016


PARGAS, Finland: In order to offer clinicians the convenience of minimised maintenance of dental instruments, Finnish instrument manufacturer LM-Dental has launched Sharp Diamond sharpen-free hand instruments. The micro-coated periodontal instruments were first introduced at the International Symposium on Dental Hygiene in Basel in Switzerland in June 2016.

The new coating is produced using physical vapour deposition technology, making the instruments razor-sharp and extremely hard, yet smooth and light. The sharpen-free instruments are especially suitable for clinicians who want ergonomic, high-quality hand instruments that naturally feel good in the hand, but also want to minimise the time spent maintaining dental instruments. The benefits of Sharp Diamond instruments include

  • Sharpen-free
  • Optimal ergonomics
  • Long-lasting sharpness
  • Saving of time and money
  • Improved productivity and clinical results
  • Full control
  • Shaving off calculus instead of fracturing it.

Clinicians will enjoy full control and improved tactile sense, while easily shaving off calculus instead of fracturing it. Sharpen-free coating, maximal wear resistance and comfort are the features that will be evident for both the dental clinician and the patient.

Unique RFID intelligence
In addition to the new coating, the LM-ErgoSense instrument offers new capabilities with its built-in intelligence. An advanced radio-frequency identification (RFID) chip can be integrated into the handle, enabling complete and reliable traceability of the instrument. The chipped instrument, together with scanning readers and software, forms part of a unique Dental Tracking System. The documented information will improve and ease asset management and increase cost efficiency. The LM Dental Tracking System helps ensure that only safe and clean instruments are used.

About LM-Dental

LM-Dental develops, manufactures and markets high-tech dental hand instruments and the company’s tracking system together with ultrasonic and air polishing devices. With its innovative product design and advanced manufacturing technology, the company is the fastest-growing producer of hand instruments in Europe and the market leader in the Nordic countries. All LM-Dental products are made in Scandinavia, combining impressive production technology with handmade craftsmanship to ensure a top-quality result and the highest functionality. The company is part of the Finnish medical corporation Planmeca Group.

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