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Gearing up for Mallorca: MIS Global Conference to present 360° of implantology

The MIS Global Conference will take place from 12 to 15 September in Palma de Mallorca and attendees can expect a top-tier scientific programme combined with strong networking opportunities. (Image: MIS Implants Technologies)
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Dental Tribune International

Thu. 28. March 2024


MALLORCA, Spain: From 12 to 15 September in Palma de Mallorca, the forthcoming MIS Global Conference will spotlight the latest trends in dental implantology. Focusing on the very latest innovations and digital workflows, the event is expected to attract a broad international audience and to foster further advancements in clinical practice. According to Tali Jacoby, director of products and marketing at MIS Implants Technologies, the company is particularly excited about meeting with the MIS community, which has a strong familial feeling and helps to make the event unique.

The three-day conference will make use of the valuable insights that MIS has learned and put into practice at the five previous editions of the event. Combining a top-tier scientific programme with strong networking opportunities, MIS recognises the importance of creating a strong community within the dental implant industry. The company has positioned itself as a provider of a comprehensive 360° approach to implantology, and attendees can expect a holistic programme that aims to address all aspects of clinical needs. 

Jacoby explained: “The conference will feature a diverse range of the most attractive topics for dental implantologists. This includes discussions on future trends, techniques for bone regeneration, addressing biological complications, ensuring tissue stability and optimising digital workflows. By incorporating such interesting content, the conference will provide attendees with a well-rounded and thorough understanding of implantology.” 

The MIS Global Conference is intended for general dentists and specialists from around the world, and the aim of the event is to create a dynamic environment for professional growth and the exchange of knowledge. 

Tali Jacoby of MIS says that a strong focus on networking helps to make the MIS Global Conference unforgettable. (Image: MIS Implants Technologies)

One of the finest scientific programmes in dental implantology

Featuring a line-up of well-known lecturers, the scientific programme will explore the latest developments in dental implantology. One highlight of the programme will be a live surgery demonstrating the full-arch placement of six implants using a surgical guide. To be performed by Dr Stavros Pelekanos from his clinic in Athens in Greece, this case highlight will showcase the new MIS stackable guide and will be moderated by Prof. Nitzan Bichacho. Prof. Bichacho will facilitate a dynamic discussion throughout this live session, which MIS says will underscore its commitment to showcasing cutting-edge techniques at the forefront of implantology. 

Calling all clinicians

Acknowledging the importance of nurturing the next generation of dental implantologists, the conference’s clinical case competition will be overseen by a scientific committee of senior academics. 

Jacoby is encouraging all dentists to spread the word within their clinical teams, and she offered a word of advice for clinicians considering entering. She said: “I would encourage you to seize this invaluable opportunity for exposure and recognition within the medical community. Winning this competition opens doors to a vast network of dentists at the conference and within the broader MIS and scientific communities. Past winners have gone on to be nurtured by MIS as key opinion leaders and have established themselves with a global reputation. This competition serves as a launch pad for their professional journey, and we take great pride in supporting their growth every step of the way.” 

One aspect of the MIS Global Conference series that attendees have particularly enjoyed is a strong focus on networking. “Networking events have always been a special highlight at MIS conferences, and they are all about connecting with the local atmosphere and creating lasting memories that make the event unforgettable,” Jacoby said. 

For more information and to register, visit the event website.


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  1. serbanveres239395 says:

    Hope they will cover AI applications in implantation especially.

  2. Jon Klepkie says:

    Cannot wait to attend, last year’s event was phenomenal.

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