Neoss Group launches new multi-unit abutment

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Neoss Group launches new multi-unit abutment for its Neoss4+ treatment solution

Neoss has launched a new multi-unit abutment for its Neoss4+ treatment solution, designed to provide more options for full-arch restorations. (Image: Neoss)

Tue. 12. September 2023


ZURICH, Switzerland: Neoss Group, a leading innovator in dental implant solutions, is proud to announce the launch of a new multi-unit abutment for its Neoss4+ treatment solution, a cutting-edge system designed to transform the way dental professionals approach full-arch restorations. The introduction of Neoss4+ and its innovative multi-unit abutment again demonstrates Neoss’s commitment to advancing patient care and dental implant technology.

“We are happy to introduce our new multi-unit abutment with the Neoss4+ treatment solution to the dental community. Our commitment to innovation has led us to create a solution that will empower dental clinicians to provide great care to their patients. We believe that the Neoss4+ treatment solution will give more options for full-arch dental implantology and improve the lives of those seeking to restore their smiles,” commented Dr Robert Gottlander, president and CEO of Neoss Group.

With a focus on predictability, efficiency, aesthetics and affordability, the Neoss4+ treatment solution empowers clinicians to choose from three treatment options, depending on the clinical situation and their preference. They can choose to use the multi-unit abutment, the titanium-based NeoBase abutment (a Neoss titanium base) or the Access abutment. The new multi-unit abutment comes with exclusive features thanks to key Neoss patents: a 10° option with reduced height and fixing of the clinical screw within the abutment to prevent its loss during placement.

To learn more about the Neoss4+ treatment solution and its applications in full-arch dental implant procedures, visit

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