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Neoss celebrates anniversary with NeoScan 1000

Demonstration of NeoScan 1000, Neoss’ new intra-oral scanner. (Image: DTI)

COPENHAGEN, Denmark: In commemorating 20 years of its pursuit of treatment simplicity, Swedish implant manufacturer Neoss has pre-launched its new intra-oral scanner, the NeoScan 1000. Dental Tribune International visited the company’s booth (#C2.18) at EuroPerio10 to find out more about the easy-to-use fast-scanning device for a digital workflow.

The scanner is both compact and lightweight, causing no discomfort for the user, even if it has to be held for a long time. It is user-friendly, allowing the entire process of scanning, optimising and exporting to be done without having to touch the computer. In addition, the NeoScan 1000 is connected to the computer via USB, so no additional power supply is needed.

The intra-oral scanner delivers high-resolution and true-colour images, allowing users to distinguish tooth structure and soft tissue so that they can easily identify margin lines and undercut areas. On top of this, the scanner comes at an attractive price. It will be fully launched in September in Europe, the US and China.

“I’m excited to be here with the Neoss team at EuroPerio10, supporting the dental community, to share and discuss the latest technologies, including our brand-new intra-oral scanner, the NeoScan 1000,” said Dr Robert Gottlander, CEO and president of Neoss Group.

The NeoPro scanner software offers dental professionals features such as scan history management, smart reminders, margin line tools, inspection and measurement. In combination with the integrated cloud storage offered by NeoConnect, data transfer to and communication with the laboratory can be performed in a seamless and efficient way.

Neoss booth (#C2.18) at EuroPerio10. (Image: DTI)

ScanPeg with aesthetic healing abutments

In order to make scanning even easier, Neoss offers a range of healing abutments into which a dedicated ScanPeg can be inserted for simplified and accurate single-tooth intra-oral scanning. The push-in ScanPeg is used with the healing abutment and eliminates the need for a separate scan body. By minimising the exchange of components, the biological seal is maintained and the tissue level preserved, making the treatment less invasive and more comfortable for patients. According to the company, this unique solution is currently only being offered by Neoss.

“Designed with ease of use in mind, the superfast, lightweight NeoScan 1000 fits perfectly in our digital workflow. Combined with our aesthetic healing abutment with ScanPeg, it produces high-precision results,” commented Dr Gottlander.

He encouraged EuroPerio10 visitors to “stop by the Neoss stand and put our scanner to the test!”


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