Dental News - Osstem’s OneGuide makes implant surgery easy, convenient and safe even in difficult cases

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Osstem’s OneGuide makes implant surgery easy, convenient and safe even in difficult cases

Fri. 7. October 2022


SEOUL, South Korea: Osstem Implant’s OneGuide, a unique surgical guide for guided surgery, does not require the production of separate guides for placement of different-sized implants, as a single OneGuide can be used to place diverse sizes of implants, ranging from 2 mm to 5 mm in diameter.

Another advantage of Osstem Implant’s OneGuide surgical guide is that it comes with various sleeve types and hole designs. The sleeveless type is easy to use for patients with a limited palate , as its side can be opened, and dental clinics can conveniently fabricate it, its structure being relatively simple. The metal sleeve type results in less damage to the guide.

The hole design consists of closed type and open type. The closed type enables the dentist to drill precisely and stably, while the open type allows the dentist to easily place implants in the most posterior positions with insufficient vertical space by approaching from the side.

Open type.

Designed to maintain a uniform height of 10.5 mm between the top of the implant and the uppermost part of the surgical guide, OneGuide enables the dentist to conduct intuitive and convenient surgery using a consistent drilling technique. Products from other companies are neither as convenient nor as effective in shortening surgery time as OneGuide guided surgery because ensuring uniformed height through their drilling processes is complicated.

The diverse kit portfolio means OneGuide can be used for most clinical cases, ranging from easy to difficult. The OneGuide KIT can be used universally for simple cases and edentulous jaws. The OneCAS KIT is for cases requiring sinus lift. The OneMS KIT is designed for implant placement in narrow bone in the anterior zone. The One485 KIT is for placing implants in the posterior mandible near to the inferior alveolar nerve.


After receiving the patient’s oral data obtained using a CBCT device and an intra-oral scanner, together with information on the implant surgery plan, from the dental clinic via the ordering site, the Osstem digital centre designs the implant placement plan and OneGuide surgical guide and produces the guide using a high-performance 3D printer after approval from the respective dental clinic.

One485 KIT.

Osstem Implant is working hard to advance digital dentistry by concentrating on providing OneGuide in the 26 countries where it operates its subsidiaries. The company has opened Osstem implant centres in 13 countries, including Canada, China, Japan, Mexico, Russia, South Korea and the US. Osstem plans to expand its global digital service by applying the expertise of its digital centre in South Korea, which helped it achieve top place in sales volume in the country, to its digital centres in other countries.

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