New 122 taper kit an innovation in dental implantology

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The 122 Taper Kit: An innovation in dental implant technology

Dental Tribune International

Dental Tribune International

Tue. 4. June 2024


SEOUL, South Korea: Precision and ease of use are crucial for patient comfort and optimal results in implant dentistry. Osstem Implant, one of the leaders in dental implant technology, has proved itself to be an innovative force in this field. For dental professionals striving for excellence in patient care, Osstem’s implant placement kits are not just tools; they are the cornerstones of transformative oral healthcare solutions. The 122 Taper Kit is designed to meet distinct clinical needs with unparalleled accuracy and convenience. Its advanced features, superior craftsmanship and clinical benefits make it a sound choice for specialists committed to achieving optimal outcomes.


Osstem's new 122 Taper Kit is a useful tool for both seasoned implant dentists and those new to implant treatment.

The 122 Taper Kit offers fast and convenient placement of Osstem implants. It is a useful tool for both seasoned implant dentists and those new to implant treatment. The kit consists of three categories of tools: drilling tools, implant drivers and assembly tools. The set of 25 taper drills of various lengths, from 7 mm to 13 mm, and diameters matching those of almost all Osstem implants allow dental professionals to approach any clinical case regardless of the complexity and bone condition. These drills are optimised for tapered implants and are multi-stepped, functioning as pilot drills and preventing bouncing during drilling. All the drills have drill stops, enabling convenient drilling depth control without the need for depth adjustment.

The kit provides intuitive solutions for preparing osteotomies with a short drilling seque nce regardless of bone density. For hard bone, this usually takes a maximum of three drills. However, when placing a 5.5 mm diameter implant, four drills may be required, including the guide drill for the first step of preparation. For normal-density bone, the final drill is selected to match the implant diameter. For soft bone, the drilling sequence may sometimes be reduced to the guide drill and just one taper drill. However, the range of drills in this kit allows the dentist to follow the sequence he or she finds the most effective in the particular clinical case.

The principal advantage of the 122 Taper Kit is that the entire surgery can be performed using just this kit, and the innovative features of its components are aimed at easing the process, reducing the chair time and minimising patient discomfort. The distinctive drill designs and advanced manufacturing technologies provide excellent drilling power, enabling a shorter drilling sequence and preventing bone heating by maintaining a low drilling temperature.

Excellent drilling power leads to skipping intermediate drilling and this prevents bone heating by maintaining low drilling temperature.

The 122 Taper Kit exemplifies an emergent trend in dentistry of advanced tools enhancing dental professionals’ efficiency and effectiveness in providing treatment. This kit, with its precision-engineered components and user-friendly design, represents a significant development in dental implant technology. It simplifies complex procedures, reduces chair time and enhances patient outcomes, embodying the latest advancements in modern dental innovation.


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