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Lukáš Kocman's Prague-based dental clinics use a wide range of Planmeca equipment. Here, he is pictured with one of the company's imaging units. (Photograph: Planmeca)

Digital dentistry in Prague, city of a hundred spires

By Planmeca
September 18, 2019

PRAGUE, Czech Republic: Put simply, Lukáš Kocman is a busy man. He currently owns and manages two dental clinics in Prague, and is planning to expand to another location. Kocman’s clinics use a wide range of Planmeca equipment—dental units, imaging units and CAD/CAM equipment.

“We offer a complete range of dental treatments—everything from preventive dentistry to implant surgery and orthodontics,” Kocman stated.

At a dental clinic, it is of paramount importance that all equipment is reliable and does not cause delays for scheduled appointments. The one Planmeca Compact i Classic and five Planmeca Compact i Touch dental units at Kocman’s clinics have performed this function flawlessly.

“With Planmeca’s products, we haven’t had any troubles,” said Kocman. “Our employees like them and our radiographic units have never had a single problem. We are also very satisfied with the durability of Planmeca dental units. Everything has been perfect.”

According to Kocman, these dental units have proved to be very comfortable for patients, helping them to become more relaxed during treatment.

“Patients often say that they would like to have the dental unit chair in their living room,” commented Kocman. “Sometimes they even fall asleep on them—I’m not joking! This does not happen very often, maybe once a month,” he said with a laugh.

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