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SprintRay – Pro Wash/Dry



Pro Wash/Dry uses the patented Mechanical Jetting technology to rapidly wash your print parts. This unique method provides excellent cleaning power while reducing wash duration at the same time


Thanks to a suite of automatic features, the only time you have to touch IPA is when you pour it into the reservoirs. Automatic pumps recycle alcohol, and quick-connect hoses whisk it away.


Pro Wash/Dry was designed with input from the dental community. Inspired by users all over the world, we leveraged the latest technology (and invented some of our own) to deliver a superior washing experience.

Mechanical Jetting: As Fast as it Sounds

Fluid Mechanics: The Stuff of Patents

You’ve never washed parts like this before. Thanks to its high-powered motor, precisely manufactured propeller, and innovative alcohol delivery method, Pro Wash/Dry can complete a full two-stage wash and dry in less than ten minutes.

2 Cycle Wash + Rapid Dry

Submerging your parts in IPA can get your parts clean, but it results in a lot of waste alcohol. Pro Wash/Dry uses a patented method to clean without full submersion. The result: cleaner parts, less waste, and faster workflows.

Set and Forget: Hands-free Process

Pro Wash/Dry was built to be used with SprintRay Pro. Once your print job is finished, simply place your platform in the cradle and press ‘Start’. Pro Wash/Dry will automatically perform a two-stage wash and then dry your parts.

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